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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 11, 2012 12:09 PM Flag

    please help on this trade :)

    why not...

    Cahill- Ariz should give him more wins. ( late Sp pick in my opinion)
    Kimbrel- BESTRp ( i dont value RP)
    Latos - gonna have huge season with that stacked lineup (late Sp pick in my opinion)
    Alexei- SS in his prime. ( i like others)

    FOR.....if you dont mind giving up 4 for 2

    Haren- top tier SP
    Brandon Phillips - 20/20
    Loney- he is waiver material. not worth a look on any of my teams unless im in a 20 team league.

    Why not...YOUR getting a 20/20 SB and a TOP SP for KIMBREL in my opinion.