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    picking up closers HELP PLEASE

    right now i have 2 closers since guys have lost their jobs, its a competitive league, Id like to pick up 1 or 2 guys who may get that closer spot in the near future. Who would u pick up off the wire expecting them to be the closer for a team soon. Also who is the Dodgers closer right now.?

    i like baltimores Urithia (however u spell it) and thorton for the whitesox....

    venters for atlanta isnt available

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    • Look, they have said that Heath Bell will get traded 2 years ago... and he never did. Mike Adams only has 3 career saves, so his future in the closing role is slim. I don't think that the Padres will give up Bell. On the other hand, Venters may have a shot at closing.

    • I've been chasing saves in my winner's league all year and a couple other leagues off and on, so I've got a pretty good idea what's going on in every team's bullpen right now.

      I think Baltimore is set with Gregg unless he starts blowing multiple saves close together, but there are no indications of a change here right now.

      As for the Dodgers closer situation, they are in committee mode. Macdougal, Guerrier and Guerva have all struggled filling in for injured Broxton, Kuo and Jansen. Jansen should be back Monday, and I think he will get the next crack at closing, but if he struggles, Kuo will probably be back soon and he would probably get the next crack. So if you have an available DL slot, I'd pick up Kuo, DL him, and pick up Jansen. I also think Broxton will be the closer when he returns in July unless someone really sets themselves apart.

      Lyon will be closing again for the Astros, but Melancon should still be stashed given Lyon's struggles. Adams is also a good bet when the trade deadline approaches, as Bell will probably be traded. Crow would be a decent one to stash as well given the fact he was the official closer when Soria struggled. And given Santos' recent struggles, Thornton may be one to stash. But if they both struggle, Sale or Crain could become the closer.

      Hope that helps!

    • is kimbrel leo nunez, joel hanrahan available, theyve been great for me

    • Venters and Adams.Bell will be traded and Adams will fill his role.