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    So the guy was on a torrid pace. But he has fallen off since May 13 when he hurt his wrist. But he did homer tonight and a couple of days ago. And the pace he set was phenomenal considering he is a historic slow starter. And he also has a history of coming on the second half.

    So is he a sell high, do you think he is too old and will fall off?

    Or do you keep him this year, play his second half history, and believe that he is better than last year's fluke poor performance?

    Which side do you fall on?

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    • You've got to play it out. Even if the power falls off, he's still hitting with a nice average and knocking the runs in as well. Unless you have a glaring area that needs improvement immediately, I take a chance with Lance.

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      • I'm considering dealing him for the following reasons.
        I have
        Pence/Crawford/Joyce/Bruan/and Morrison. I only have 3 OF pos and 2 Util. I also have Konerko and Sanchez at 1B. And both of those guys are playing well. So they get one of the Util Pos. That leaves me with Pence/Joyce/Bruan that I play for OF. I play Crawford during day games only right now until he gets it together. Otherwise I play Berkman. I also have Morrison who doesn't have all the accumulative stats, but if you take a look at his per game stats he is comparable. So I was looking to deal Berkman's hot start and name.

    • traded berkman and joyce for votto. get em low on the wire sell high for first round picks. trade fast buddy he is 68 years old. you actually think he will keep it up. no way

    • bump bump

    • I've got him on two of my teams. Now that he's producing well again, I'm looking to trade him for a starter for my rotation. But I'm not desperately trying to get rid of him, since he's surrounded by great hitters in that lineup, from Pujols to Holliday when he comes back, and with Jay and Craig just attacking the ball this year. The RBI's, AVG, BB and R are just going to be there for us the whole year. He gets well-placed days off too, so LaRussa is playing it smart. Get something good or keep him, I say.

    • Hitting behind PUJOLS for time being...a plus! Then when Holliday returns...WOW...I almost forgot most important...(drum roll please!)......HE IS HEALTHY!!! KEEP HIM!!!


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