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    I'm not the smartest guy in the....

    I'm not the smartest guy in the toolbox but need some help with my team. I'm in a 7 team mixed standard 5x5 roto, non-keeper league and want to upgrade or add on to my roster but don't know who to pick off the wire , or drop from my roster. Here is my lineup.

    C- Napoli
    1-B- M. Cabrera
    2-B- M. Prado
    3-B- E. Longoria
    SS-Aadrubal Cabrera
    OF-M. Holliday, J. Ellsbury, C. Granderson, R. Ibanez
    Utility- M. Morse

    Thats my starting lineup. (batters) My Backups are:
    (1-B)-J. Morneau,(3-B/SS) J. Peralta, (C)- G. Soto

    S/P- J. Johnson, S. Marcum, CC Sabathia, D. Price, E. Bedard, A. Sanchez, J. Shields.

    R/P- R. Madson, J. Axford.

    Here are some players that I want to pick up. By the way, I just dropped Wieters, J Garcia, S. Smith, M. Cuddyer, for Napoli, Soto, Morneau and Sanchez.
    D. Brown, T. Hunter, R. Ludwick, A. Pagan, Ike Davis, A. Torres, C. Rasmus, M. Bourn, C. Patterson, J. Pierre, C. Pena, J. Willingham, J. Jay, Rajai Davis, Ty Wigginton, C. Hart, and B. Zobrist.

    There are plenty of pitchers on the wire so I just need help to know who to pick up and the value of these players for the remainder of season. I need to pick Kendrick back up in a few days also, so I need help with my rosters value as well. I'm in the middle with saves and the rest of the league is uncatchable at this point and only 1 team close to me. I need to move up in SB's but shouldn't have a problem now that Ellsbury has been getting on base. That leaves me RBI's, HR's, and AVG to get better in.
    Maybe just put those players in order or top 5 and why. Any other thoughts would be appreciated as well. I've done a lot of trading to get to this point, (traded M. Teixeira, C. Santana and D. Stubbs), and injuries to Posey and Morales as well. This league has been tough this year because of our other 3 regulars that didn't make it thus leaving so many good players on the wire all of the time so I've been dropping guys and picking up the "hot player" even if it's a high ranking player.
    Any ideas or advice with my team will help. I'm in second with only 3.5 point behind 1st and 3rd is close (within 9 of me) but the rest is far behind us three (20 or more.) 1st place has dominant pitching but is weaker and catchable in the batting categories. Thanks again for the help.

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    • get rasmus and corey hart and pick back up wieters! NAPOLI IS A BACK UP!!!!! drop ibanez, he is washed out. hart and rasmus are both better than peralta or morse. i would also consider tori Hunter. good luck.

    • If you need steals pick up Bourn, he keeps a decent average and will be a plus in runs too.

      Players like Morse, Peralta, and Ibanez will kill your AVG, with a player pool as deep as yours there's no need to sacrifice avg for power numbers. Morneau seems like he's comming around and could be a monster this summer once it warms up and he starts feeling all the way better/more comfortable at the plate, but he is def a player to be concerned about, he's a big risk/reward player right now.

      If Hart and Zobrist are really free agents you need to pick them up now. Both of them will be plus in all 5 categories, especially once it warms up and they start running, Those two in addition to Bourn, along with Els and Grandy that you already own, will make sure you dominate steals and get all 7 points, while also scoring a ton of runs. Then I would just say hang on tight and hope that Longo, Miggy, Holliday, and Morneau rake over the summer months and are hitting bombs left and right to help your HR's and RBI's.

      In a 7 team league you should be able to get a lot more production out of your catcher spot than Napoli. Keep a close eye on Soto now that he's off the DL and see if you can't trade for a Russel Martin or Miguel Montero, a middle tier catcher in a good lineup who could catch fire and really put up some numbers.

      So, if it were me my lineup would look like this

      C - Mid tier guy in a good lineup (I think Montero from ARZ will be good the rest of the year, but catchers get beat up a lot)

      1B - Miggy / Morneau

      2B - Zobrist (trade Prado for a closer <keep you were you are in saves, you certainly don't want to lose ground> or catcher)

      3B - Longo

      SS - Asdubal

      OF - Holliday, Ells, Grandy, Bourn

      Util - Morneau / Hart

      Bench should be people who can cover multiple positions for days off from teams you don't have a lot of players on, Mike Avilies, Ryan Raburn, Jed Lowrie, Michael Cuddyer type guys. These players whould not be used to replace injured players long term, they are merely one day subs to cover for off days / dinged up players. Never carry a 2nd catcher on your bench, the production from the position just isn't worth it, if your catcher gets hurt you could always pick Soto or a similar player back up out of the free agent pool. Since you already picked up Lawrie (nice snag) you should keep him on your bench and see how he is playing in the bigs, don't plug him into your lineup right away.

      Your rotation looks fine, I wouldn't change it too much (barring injury) and you might consider adding a third closer.

      Good luck...

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      • Thanks alot, a lot of good stuff. I think Montero is available so I should drop soto and pick up Montero? Also I had Zobrist and dropped him a while ago. My logic is in this 7 team league that I really don't need to hang on to a guy thats playing poorly unless hes ranked super high, that way I can keep raking in the points and if the player gets picked up then there are plenty of other players that I can plug in right off the wire. Just don't know who to drop for Garcia? I dropped Ibanez for Kendrick so I'm leaning towards Bedard for Garcia but he is playing so good, I just don't know?

    • I would pick up Garcia again for Bedard. Garcia has been brilliant all season except his last start. DON'T pick up Pierre, whoever said that was making a joke. All he can do is steal bases, and even this year he only has 10, and has been caught 8 times. He's getting too old. I would also pick up Rasmus and drop Ibanez--Rasmus hits for a decent average, has good power, and has some speed. Ibanez is already 39 and isn't even hitting above .250.

    • pick up pierre will be a monster here on out

    • Ike Davis

    • Napoli doesnt play every day, Morneau is absolutely terrible this year, and jaime garcia never should have been dropped. you clearly arent the smartest.

    • In this ranking.

      Get C.Patterson/Rasmus/Torres for 5 category contributors.
      Get Bourn/Davis for runs/steals.
      Get Hart/Willingham for rbi's HR.

      Your looking to replace Ibanez or push him to the utility. However, morse is streaking hot right now.

    • I would have kept J. Garcia...it's only one bad outing. I'd dump Bedard. Rasmus has been solid for me this year also...

    • FA are there for a reason, so don't pick up based on name only.

      Use the "Last 7 day" sort to look at the FA hitters. Only pick up if they are top 20 or so. That way you catch the end of the hot streak. Use the "Last 14 (or 30) day" sort for pitchers.

      Your team isn't bad, so don't go crazy.


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