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  • eddie p eddie p Apr 23, 2011 6:04 PM Flag

    Pretty sick team,right?

    10 team league,h2h, tell me what you think

    C-Kurt Suzuki
    1st-Billy Butler
    2nd-Aaron Hill
    3rd-Aramis Ramirez
    SS-Derek Jeter
    OF-Carl Crawford
    OF-Jason Bay
    OF-Nick Swisher
    Util-Jimmy Rollins
    HittingBench-Uribe, John Buck, Matt laporta

    SP-Mat latos
    SP-Fransisco Liriano
    SP- Ryan dempster
    SP-Scott Baker
    SP-Daniel Hudson
    RP-Joe Nathan
    RP-Ryan Franklin
    RP-Brian Wilson

    No pitching Bench

    DL:Santana, Feliz, LoMO

    yeah tell me im not winning the crown lol, sorry to brag but there is no stopping me,hopefully,as long as i dont get the injuries, im good, IMO

    SUCK IT!!

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    • NO FN WAY

    • this teams BLOWS a GOAT

    • Haha what are you serious???

      thats a 10 team league? My 16 team league blows you away. You have a few past their prime players, you pitching blows, and hill is injured.

      Here my 16x16 league team. 6 additional teams drafting in my league and here is how much better i am than you. I'll allow the bloggers to decide

      C. JP Arencbia
      1B J Votto
      2B I. Kinsler
      3B M. Reynolds
      SS J. Lowrie
      OF C. Rasmus
      OF G. Sizemore
      OF M. Bourne
      UTIL A. Lind
      UTIL J. Morneau
      Bench A Hill

      SP J. Weaver
      SP C. Hamels
      SP G. Gonzales
      SP M. Latos
      RP J. Hanrahan
      RP J. Broxton
      RP D. Storen
      RP J. Walden
      P A Harang

    • Join my league see what happens league name welcome to the hood

    • My 18 team league roster is better than this scat. Horrid for a 10 team league. (Although 8, 10, and 12 team leagues are horrid in themselves so I expect nothing less from someone who participates in them)

    • suck yourself! You team blows goats! I have a team with a name My Team Sucks and I could beat you!

    • Yeah, sick is probably the best word.

      Your team is sick. So is it's manager if he/she thinks it will contend.

      You won't make the playoffs with that roster, unless every team in the League does.

      For example...

      You have 1 staff ace... Dempster, who is probably equivalent to a #3 starter. Latos is good and Baker as well. They will both get you stats, but not a lot of wins. Liriano will suffer from a tired arm all season. Hudson I like for strikeouts, but he has yet to win. I'm guessing there are no Holds or you've punted the category. And of your 3 closers, 2 have already been demoted. Feliz will help when he's back, but he and Wilson alone won't win you many weeks.

      As for batting, your best banger is Swisher. Potential power from Hill (hurt and batting like last year), Suzuki, A-Ram (maybe) and moderate power from Bay (20-25 HRs at best). Butler hits for average, but 1B is a power position. Jeter is on a decline (slope is getting steeper). Crawford underperforming and will rebound, and expect good bags numbers, but definitely worse than last year. Rollins is the best Utility guy left? Not that he's not good... he is adequate... just think there would have to be someone better available.

      Seems like you drafted guys you liked, because i can't, for the life of me, imagine what your draft strategy was....

      If that was my team, I'd be hitting the FA market and start sending out offers. But I could be wrong. Stranger things have happened.

      Regardless... Good Luck with your season. And the digs were just in fun, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

      Just my Honest opinion...

      Honest Scott

    • Pretty weak

    • I could see you coming in second - if it's a 2 team league.

    • Ur pitching is interesting

      Ur starters are intriguing-ur closers are "sappers" now.

      Ur 2b is aaron hill

      Ur heroes are brand names and ur best asset is ur dl.

      Hmmmm yes ur team is very impressive.

      Well done

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