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    New MLB Team Keeper - $40


    >This is a MLB teams league. Prior to our message board draft, each manager will choose an available MLB team and choose 8 players to protect. There is no minimum number of players you need to have from your MLB team during the regular season, but before the start of next season, 5 of your keepers must be from your MLB team (we will cover this more later). The 8 you protect must remain on your roster through the conclusion of the draft.

    >When typing your MLB team name, please include both the location and team name, and use proper spelling and grammar (ex: "Boston Red Sox" instead of "BoSox"; "San Francisco Giants" instead of "SF Giants"). I believe this gives the league more of an authentic and professional feel.

    >The message board draft order will be reverse order of the 2010 MLB standings in a non-snaking format. If two teams had the same record, the tiebreaker will be the 2009 standings, etc.

    >There are no "rights" to unowned players who play on your MLB team. If you don't protect them, anyone can draft them or pick them up.

    >Our goal is to start with a minimum of 14 teams, with an even number from both AL and NL. Future expansion may be considered.


    >Lineups will be set WEEKLY and will lock before the first pitch of the first game on Monday.

    >Rosters will be 25 players (not including DL).

    >17 starters, 8 bench players

    >2 divisions: AL and NL

    >Six teams make the playoffs and division winners automatically clinch the top 2 seeds. My preference would be for the top 3 teams to automatically make the playoffs from each division, but I don't believe Yahoo has this setting.

    >Scoring will be head-to-head points.

    >For other settings, including our points system and roster positions, please refer to "Scoring & Settings" at the top of the league page.


    >The buy-in will be $40 and will be due by Saturday, March 5th.

    >All league money will be held on League Safe (www.LeagueSafe.com), so you don't need to worry about it going into some individual's account.

    >$40 x 14 teams = $560

    *Regular Season*
    1st place in division: $40
    2nd place in division: $25
    3rd place in division: $10
    x 2 = $150 total

    1st place: $180
    2nd place: $100
    3rd place: $70
    4th place: $40
    5th place: $20
    = $410 total

    $150 + $410 = $560


    >For the first season, after everyone is paid up and has their 8 protected players posted, I will take the protected players off the available player list so every free agent you see on the "Players" page will be available to be drafted. After each pick is made, I will add them to team rosters so the "Players" page will continually show only available players.

    >Starting with the second season we will have a similar type of message board draft, with the order being reverse of the previous year's standings in this league (playoff winner picks last). This will also be non-snaking format.

    If you have any questions please post a reply, or join the league and post on the message board or e-mail me.


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