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    good strategies and tips

    Last year was my first year playing fantasy baseball I did ok made the playoffs. But this year I want to make a run at a championship looking for any ideas tips anything on who I should look to draft what kinds of players. Ill most likely be in a 12 team head to head standard scoring league. I killed myself with a bad draft last year not knowing who when to draft all tips are appreciated

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    • You NEED to pick either troy tulowitzki or Hanley Ramirez because talent in the shortstop position sucks. Troy will also ggive you numbers all around with HR, RBIs, and SB. Person to make an impact this year is Adrian Gonzalez, who in my opinion will be the AL MVP. He put up MVP numbers last year in a terrible hitting ballpark (Biggest ballpark i believe), and now with him traded to Boston which has the best hitting ballpark. His home runs should increase dramatically, and now that he has a better lineup to hit with. With speed as well (Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford) his RBIs will increase as well.

    • Bill you've asked a lot of great questions and received many great answers. Krocka had a number of specific tips that should help and Goosenapper should write a fantasy book. As far as the draft specific questions go your commisioner will set the time in most cases they will ask players when a good time would be so most people can be present. You can test your phone before the draft to find out if it will work for the draft and if it is JAVA enabled it may. I drafted on my PC last year but managed from my phone all year. With day-to-day injuries and lineup changes it helps to be able to make changes for day games while at work.

      Last year I was also a first timer and I asked a friend for a tip and he said draft lots of Phillies (living in Philadelphia I expected it) Of course what he really meant was get productive players on high scoring teams and get pitchers that can have a low ERA and lots of wins. My pitching rotation for most of the year had 2 Phillies (Halladay and Hamels), 3 Yankees( CC, Petite, and Hughes) 2 Red Sox (Buccholtz and Beckett) and David Price. I drafted Halladay and CC early because in head to head matches you can kill your opponent with volume (I only lost 5 games all year and usually won 5 of the 8 pitching categories that would score (IP, W, K, K/BB or ERA, QS, so even if I lost K/BB, ERA, L, or S I would still have a lead on pitching stats. This year I'm actually trying to decide if I should take a power hitter in round 1 (Got Longoria last year) and then take Halladay, King Felix, and a few more stud pitchers over the next few rounds. I noticed last year that just like in the real games you win with consistent pitching and timely hitting.

      In general I look to get power from the corner infielders, get runs and sb's from the middle infielders and always take into account the arms in the outfield for assists (1 reason I drafted, Hamilton, Mags, and Delmon Young last year) Just to give you an idea of how things went with my hitters on draft day and why you can get talent late in the draft I picked Hamilton up late, picked up Jose Bautista, Jason Heyward, and Buster Posey as FA's during the season but my pitching staff stayed the same most of the year.

      Just to give you an idea of what to look for on draft day is something like Jason Heyward vs Mike Stanton. I am a huge Heyward fan he has a great arm and was on my team last year but he will go earlier in drafts than last year so if there is a great pitcher on the board when I would draft Heyward and Stanton is still on the board I would take the pitcher and get Stanton a round or 2 later and let someone else have Heyward. Of course a healthy Chipper Jones and Dan Uggla could make Heyward a great player but the big ballpark and injury concerns could backfire so go with the guy with just as much upside that plays in a smaller park and hits a little lower in the order. Throughout the year there will certainly be times that one player outplays the other so fill up your bench with SP's and as many productive hitters as possible so you can swap pitchers day to day to win all of your volume categories and play the hot hand and matchup when it comes to hitters.

      Good luck winning your league and adding that nice trophy to your profile.

    • Tip 1: 1st 5 rounds: Draft the BEST AVAILABLE TALENT. You can lose a league in the first 5 rounds. You win it in the rounds thereafter.
      Tip 2: Since SS seems to be the thinnest I would recomend targeting Andrus, Castro, or Bartlett where they fall.
      Tip 3: Don't start drafting closers until round 10 or so. You can compete with 2 and pick up 1 later off of FA for an edge.
      Tip 4: Draft power, power, power. Cheap steals and saves are a tried and true method. You go cheap on power and you end up with someone your gonna drop.
      Tip 5: You shouldn't have more than 2 SP's at round 10.
      Tip 6: There are a lot of things not related to the player drafted to consider... Park, Lineup, etc. Do so.

      Baseball is a game of trends that come and go, like the stock market.

      The 2 biggest tips I can give you are draft well, and Buy Low/Sell High on trades.

    • Does anyone know if when the time comes to have your draft for which ever league your in if it is possible to use a I phone/ Droid phone to to do the draft if your gonna be unavailable to use a computer at the time of the draft for any reason?

    • My suggestion for a winning team is not to worry about year-long consistency, but to play the hot-hand when a there is a player on a hot streak.

      I’m not saying that if he has a bad spring training that you shouldn’t nab Albert Pujols with the first over-all pick. It is important to have a solid base of all-stars- the more the better. But loyalty to playing those all-stars can cost you the championship if they are in a slump during the final weeks of September.
      I suggest focusing your draft on positions rather than players. There are obvious shortages of upper-level talent at C, 2B, SS, and 3B, so focus on those areas. It’s a lot more difficult to find a good hitting SS in the free agent pool in August than it is to locate a 1B or OF who can give you some power numbers.

      Once you have your scarce positions filled, I suggest filling out most of your rotation, making sure to grab at least one top-of-the-rotation pitcher. Actually, finding a good pitcher who is not the ace of their staff is great because it means that they will generally not be matched up against an opposing team’s best. For example, any of the Phillies’ big four would be a great addition. Halladay is other-worldly, and Oswalt, Hamels, and Lee each have ace type stuff but will rarely pitch against other aces, giving them a better chance to pick up the win as their team should be able to score them more runs.

      I would caution against taking closers until late in the draft. They generally only give you one stat, (saves) and have the potential to single-handedly ruin your ERA any week if they give up several runs in an inning. Plus, closer is one of those positions on a ball-club that can shift from player to player throughout the course of a season. Just keep your eye on the Who’s Hot yahoo screen, or read the closer article that is generally put out each week by one of the yahoo staff writers.

      After you feel confident about your starters, look to draft players who are either former stars coming off of injuries, or young players who have had incredible springs. There is a lot spoken regarding the inconsequence of spring training stats, but I suggest looking through them prior to your draft. (they can be found on mlb.com- I don’t think that yahoo stores them) It was looking through these stats that I found Austin Jackson last year. He had been tearing up the spring league with extra-base hit after extra-base hit. I drafted him late and enjoyed about two months of mid-.300 batting average, a bunch of runs scored, and even a few stolen bases. Once he began to fizzle, I looked through the Who’s Hot page in yahoo and grabbed Brennan Boesch, then Tyler Colvin, and finished the season with a flurry from Drew Stubs.

      Do not shy away from utilizing players from bad teams either. Tulowitzki was on my team last year, and when he got hurt, I plugged Starlin Castro in to SS. Neil Walker also helped at 2B near the end as he turned in to a hit-machine. At one point, I even had three Pirates on my team with Walker, Jose Tabata, and Pedro Alvarez. The key is to identify where your production is lacking, and then to grab the hot player, fully intending to later replace them as they cool down.

      It’s impossible to identify in March or April who will be on a tear during your fantasy playoffs in September. I suggest drafting guys who you believe will take you to those play-offs, but then do not be afraid to replace them if they are not hitting or pitching well when you find yourself in the championship bracket. I won my league last year, (finishing with an insane 174 transactions!) but when I open the screen which shows me my team’s final roster, it looks more like a AAA team than one that should win. That is because at the end, I played the hot players and even dropped some all-stars. Don’t get caught up in loyalty. This is fantasy after all.

    • How is the time and date determined for a live draft?

    • Don't get caught up in drafting a catcher early. Power is hard to come by, once it's gone it's gone. Look for 5 tool players and 4 tool players with your early picks. Rarely do you find full time power on the waiver. Power gives you RBI, so that's 2 for 1. Stolen bases gives you runs. Wait on pitching. You can always find pitching later, get a solid SP between rounds 3 and 5, but don't ever take a pitcher over a top offensive player. Look for 3rd yr SP with power, it's their breakout year and you can get them later if you research it. Look for 26-27 yr old position players for breakout yr. check their first 2 yrs to see if they are on an incline in production. I've been doing this since 1992, and win a lot, I know what I'm talking about.

    • I have a stupid question but would love a good answer to it, how exactly do live drafts work, with how do you set up a date and time and draft order everything like that?

    • Who are the first pitchers u should look to grab off the board first and what rounds should I go for them in?

    • I always start with offense. If you're in a roto league where steals are a category you definitely want to grab a guy early that can swipe 40 plus bases, too. But I would go after offense early because you're not going to grab 40 HR power off the waiver wire.

      Quality pitching, on the other hand, can be grabbed off waivers. Not to mention the fact that consistency with pitching fluctuates more than with hitters year in and year out. There's simply more risk going after Tim Lincecum than, let's say, an Albert Pujols.

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