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  • Goondal Goondal Sep 19, 2010 7:33 AM Flag

    Start all my pitchers?

    Ok, here is my situation. I am down 11-5 but own the tiebreak. I lead both the W and L categories by 1, lead WHIP 1.11-1.21 and am down in Ks 60-45. He has 0 SP today and I have 4 (I picked up Narveson v. SF last night just in case)

    Kershaw v. Colorado
    Hudson @ Pittsburgh
    Blanton v. Washington
    Narveson @ SF

    I feel I really need to pick up Ks to win without blowing my lead in WHIP. I know I will get 1 L but if I can avoid 2 that would be big. I am close enough in some offensive categories that I can steak two (and possibly 4 if he has a bad day).

    I should bench Narveson correct? Between the other three I should make up the 16K I need and they all have decent chances of not getting the L and not blowing my small lead in WHIP.


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