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  • Sean O'Leary Sean O'Leary Sep 17, 2010 11:53 AM Flag

    bryce harper for your keeper team?

    i'm sorry but like most players and fans, a division win in the subpar central and a 1st round bounce from the postseason isn't a success. when you look at the catchers on teams that do win, you'll understand my point - offense from backstops is a luxury, not a requirement for success; calling a good game, stopping balls in the dirt and throwing out runners is exponentially more important, any GM will tell you that.

    and everyone else on john buck's team sucked? not sure if you've ever heard of jose bautista. as a matter of fact, the blue jays had the best power numbers in the majors until just recently (actually, they may still hold that claim).

    weiters has had an even avg at luke scott in the second half, so i don't know why you value scott's performance so much.

    seriously guy, you're really just making yourself look stupid. when you try to make a claim, then admit to exceptions and get owned by multiple people that outright prove you're wrong, then you should just give up. you're argument holds no water, harper will be an OF, and if he ends up being an elite player then that's the best decision for him. there's really no two ways about it.

    and yes, bleacherreport is terrible because it allows people like you to post unfounded bullshit while spelling names of major players (McCutchen, dummy, one 't'). i used to go to the site every once in a while, but after seeing this crap, i won't go again.

    now fuck off and have a nice day.


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