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  • SSDD SSDD Sep 8, 2010 10:51 PM Flag

    Pls Y! save us by removing J. Johnson from can't cut list

    Alright, he is done for season, reportedly. It happens.
    But, pls Y!, how about remove him from the "can't cut" list as quick as possible?! It kills the owner in a tight race. Nobody can afford a roster spot waiting for that 3rd opinion, and the 4th, and the rehab and so on with season about to end in next 3 weeks.

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    • I just dropped him.

    • you guys must play in shallow leagues! i have frank francisco on the DL, Hellboy in the bullpen, Josh Johnson in limbo, and i still had 74 strike outs in my H2H match up last week. 20 teams and expanded rosters! but I bet none of you had Daric Barton as your starting 1B all season! oh yeah, no can't cut list. my rules. play in deep leagues!!! its more fun!!! yahoo publics are for yahoos!!!

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      • The "Shallow leagues" comment is never useful... More appropriately, these people sound like they are in highly competitive leagues. Meaning, the opposite comment could be directed back towards you - "You must compete in a really noncompetitive league if you can sit on a wasted roster slot during the final weeks of the season."

        Fact is, every league is different, but few can afford to just go a player less than their opponents at this point in the season.

        Try it. Sit one of your best pitchers, for no reason, for the next 3 weeks. Are you going to win? Are you sure? Wouldn't you rather play that person, or, if they will not play at all for the remainder of the Fantasy Season, replace him with someone that *will* play? Or, is your league so "deep" that you can somehow manage to maintain a competitive advantage while rostering a pitcher that will not play again in 2010?
        (ref: http://fantasynews.cbssports.com/fantasybaseball/players/playerpage/546234/josh-johnson )

        At this point, the only people that can afford to sit on JJohnson are in Keeper leagues, and I hope most of them have the DL slot available because he's definitely worth it.

    • Ditto that, Yahoo. Please remove him from the no-cut list...

    • i don't think they shut him down for the season, but if they do you could always ask your commish to remove him from your team. i'm the commish in my league and don't have a cant cut list cause i think you should be able to drop anyone you want but i would have no problem rem oving a player on a can't cut list for any manager in my league especially now that we are in playoffs.

    • i can afford it, fo sho, so no yahoo don't remove him


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