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  • Alex Alex Aug 31, 2010 3:42 PM Flag

    Commish Dilemma, need advice ASAP

    I got a unique situation to run by you experts and see what I should do. I'm positive that it is too late to change anything but need to know whether or not I should say anything. here is what happened.

    The week that just finished was the last week for our particular pool before playoffs started. My team along with 4 others already had made the playoffs so only the last spot was up for grabs.

    The team in 6th had a decent lead but it was possible to be caught. The 6th place team was having a rough week and was losing bad, but not by enough to lose their spot since the 7th place team was also losing. Sunday night ended and the 6th and 7th place teams both lost and the 6th place team had locked the last spot.

    Woke up Monday morning and miraculously the 7th place team was now being listed as a huge win. And because of his huge win and 6th place teams huge loss the 6th place team was passed and didn't make the playoffs.

    I went back through the daily line ups of the 7th place teams match up and noticed that his opponent (who was already mathematically out of the playoffs) had purposely benched his pitchers the last few days so that he did not meet the minimum innings pitched. So that the stats that he had been winning were all charged as losses.

    I know it's not collusion because I am in another pool with these same to guys and they had words with each other around the trade deadline around some deals one was involved in. The 6th place team had vetoed a deal involving the 8th place team and spoke out about it on our league page, and they exchanged a few words.

    I think this is retaliation for that.

    I don't think anyone else caught on because I haven't received any emails about it. I only noticed because I seen the score late Sunday night, then noticed the score was different Monday morning.

    Should I say anything? Or keep my mouth shut since nothing can be done anyways.

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