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  • Alex Alex Aug 4, 2010 6:53 PM Flag

    Jacoby Ellsbury DROPPED!!!!!!

    I'm the commish of a league where Jacoby Ellsbury was just dropped today. Yes, you read that right. A team who is not in playoff contention (unless a serious miracle occurs) just dropped him this afternoon.

    The managers with the top 2 waiver spots are currently sitting 4th and 6th (top 6 make the playoffs). The guy who dropped him is 3rd in waiver priority.

    Should I step in and do something? Should I ask the guys with waiver 1 and 2 not to put a claim on him and tell #3 to take him back?

    If it was just some bum player I wouldn't care, or if the top waiver spot was owned by a non playoff team. But this could potentially affect the outcome if a playoff teams gets him and he has decent stats and impacts the outcome. Even a single run, or hit could be a difference maker giving a point.

    It's 12 man H2H league (non keeper)

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    • How about Johann Santana, Garza, C Utley amongst others in my league. This is what happens in these free leagues where they let any idiot play.

    • Don't interfere. He may be a noob, or has to drop him for another reason. I have to drop Ellsbury, or some other OF on my team because other owners don't make trades and I need to free up spots to fill a couple of other injured players on my roster. It happens...


    • I agree that nothing should be done. Whose to say that Ellsbury doesn't get injured again. His only real impact is in sb's. If the guy doesn't need him, so be it. Owners are allowed to be stupid, they just can't use collusion to get an advantage.

    • Oh my God!!! Not Jacoby Ellsbury!!!! I personally am holding out for Shoeless Joe Jackson!!!!!

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      • Don't interfere. Stupid noob managers do this stuff all the time. I'd rather have Curtis Granderson over Ellsbury right now. It's not a big deal if 'Bury got dropped. I highly doubt it'll affect the league standings at the end of the year. You'll get some runs, SBs, and maybe some average out of him, but it's not much more than a manager would get from the guy Ellsbury replaces in the fantasy lineup.

        Stay thirsty my friend.

    • Sounds like you're in a league with idiots to be honest.

      Of course you should never interject yourself in this particular situation, but if your league consists of people who trade Prado for Wright 1 for 1, or dont have the capacity to be trustworthy competition to where veto is still needed in an active league, maybe youve created a league with the wrong group of managers and with the wrong set of guidelines.

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      • The Wright for Prado trade never happened in any league I was in.

        That "King Bax" guy is just being a douche because he got me mixed up with someone else who apparently commented on one of his forum posts.

        So because someone else posted a comment to one of his posts and was apparently rude he finds it acceptable to follow me around lately and comment on everything of mine because he is mistaking me for whoever the other guy was.

        Also I found out the Ellsbury was dropped by mistake by a noob in my league. Not sure how. But he also has another guy on DL who is out for the season and he dropped that guy at the exact same time. I'm thinking he accidentally clicked Ellsbury's name too and somehow didn't see it. Again, I don't know how he managed it, but he did.

    • I'm not a fan of commissioner interference but the only way I'd step in if there was evidence of obvious collusion. Lets say the manager of the team who dropped him and the manager of team with waiver priority #1 were best friends, roommates, or related. Then its a slam dunk.

      This stuff happens all the time and as stated, its good to hold on to your #1 status for when a real gem gets added to the free agent pool. I saved mine and used it on Matt Cain. Another guy recently grabbed Josh Beckett in my league with his. Its not out of the ordinary for DL'd players to get dropped when they get activated. Jacoby is far from a sure thing. I own him and have a few hours to decide if I am going to drop him or activate him.

    • Lol any commish who knows fantasy would not step in. You're really panicking for no reason, this happens in just about every league, there's always gonna be that one dumb manager. He made the choice to drop him, deal with it.

    • why, as a commish, would you interfere with someones choice? if its a horrible trade, you should interfere because its one team guarenteed to get him... I think you are just jealous that you dont have that priority, because you think hes great, and you want him. If somone does not want the player, do not hop in and screw up his plans because he has a high o rank... If you dont like high ranked players gettting dropped in your league, put in a cant cut list. this prevents your jealousy because you took dominic brown with your #5 claim ahead of him... thats why I have FAAB. so you can take whoever, whenever within your limits.

      let me guess... youre going to try to offer him chump@#$% for ellsbury, aware that he doesnt want him.

      I am a commish, and Scott Baker was dropped in a 20 man league... the higheest % owned SP as a FA was 4%... I didnt try to veto a move lol... what commisioner does that... wait.

      if you have guys dropping hanley, kick them out for being a goof, but ellsbury has alot of question marks, so dropping him, 1st or last, isnt a crazy idea.

      I dare you to put ellsbury back, and then get him for nothing... you will lose all credibility as a commish for your league.

      Anyways, nice leafs logo... good to see a baseball commisioner show his true pride... a (awful) hockey team gettin repped in august by a baseball fan too... go figure.

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      • What a moron you are.

        1) I'm not after Ellsbury, not in a waiver pickup or a trade
        2) the guy with #1 waiver priority is not a threat to me, I don't play him again this season so him getting him is of no concern to me
        3) the guy didn't drop him because he doesn't want him, the guy is a noob and doesn't know any better
        4) I'm not going to let a novice move disrupt the league, it's not fair to everyone else

        I find it funny that just because I am the commish you assumed I was after Ellsbury and was jealous. You also assumed I'd offer garbage to get him. I DON'T WANT HIM. I never said it, nor implied it. If I wanted him I would have either drafted him or traded for him a long time ago.

        And judging a person based on his favorite hockey team just shows your stupidity. I was born a Leaf fan and will die one. I don't start disliking my team when they suck. I stick with them until the bitter end. And I certainly don't judge people characters based on the teams/sports they follow.

        Grow up!

    • Don't get involved.. I might change the complexion of the Playoffs but it's part of the game

    • do not step in.
      I save my waivers for idiots like this, but it's not fair at all to step in and do something about it.

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