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  • Scott Wynn Scott Wynn Jul 23, 2010 1:10 PM Flag

    Limit moves now??

    Thank you guys for telling me I suck and that I never played fantasy baseball before and that I should not be a commish. I was asking for advice, not insults. I've changed my settings back to UNLIMITED moves. I'll know next time to limit them in the begining. I can see how that would affect strategy from the outset. Some of you kiddies need to GROW UP!

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    • You sound like the one that needs to grow up. Grown ups research before jumping in. Grown ups do not change rules mid-stream because they don't think it is fair.

    • Aka:the lawgiver.

      I was about to critisize (sp) about u changing with the season almost over n stuff.

      However...I'm critical cause ur the commish.

      If there was any sense of wrongdoing (actual cheating),then u lay the wood. U choose to come on a forum in regards to a polarizing topic; that isn't gonna go away anytime soon.

      But back to u commish.

      U are the one with the HOST tools. If u thought that those two streaming was cheating-then act on it and take whaever sht tha came from it.

      Remember that next time please


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