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  • Scott Wynn Scott Wynn Jul 23, 2010 11:25 AM Flag

    Limit moves now??

    I'm the commish. We have two teams that are approaching 80 moves. Everyone else is under 20. They are rotating starting pitchers in every day to get more K's and Win opportunities. I decided to limit moves to 100 for the season and 3 per week. They are screaming that it's unfair to change the rules now and that they jopined the league based upon unlimited moves. Others, however, believe the two are abusing the system. Was I wrong to limit moves now? Was I right to limit moves in fairness to the other teams?

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    • It's okay to implement a rule for moves per week, but to put in a season limit of 100 halfway through is unfair. It's punishing owners too harshly, since there was no limit at the time.

    • Dude.Scott.The reason for all the harsh words is that ,for months now, we all have been reading the complaints of other players and their league commish's cheating tactics.

      Now one of these guys shows himself for all of us to see, and the guys on this board were waiting to tear you up and let you have it.

      What you did was wrong, glad to hear you changed the rules back, even though you may not of thought you were cheating.

    • even after changing settings, you are still a dipsh*t. What place are you in, by the way?

    • I would say that if you started without limits, you should end without limits. Everyone else just needs to play the same way, and that should take care of any complaining. There is a risk to streaming, but other teams just need to do the math and fight fire with fire. In my league, we have cut down to 3 moves per week, but unlimited moves per season. Each team can carry a maximum of 5 sp's although sp/rp combos are not part of that 5. It has cut down that problem a ton, but still allows for some strategy.

    • WRONG............. I agree. Can't change the rules now. Did you change it because they are both going to beat you? Do you want to active owners or owners that don't even pay attention to their lineups. I would rather be in an active league and get beat, than in a league where I am the only one playing... YOU HOPE ALL OWNERS ARE ACTIVE OWNERS, OTHERWISE YOU PROBABLY WOULDN'T INVITE THEM TO PLAY. DON'T PUNISH THEM FOR BEING ACTIVE OWNERS....

    • Unreal that you would punish guys who were playing by the rules. You suck man.

    • Yeah man you can't just change rules mid-season cuz a couple of people are far better managers than everyone else. That's a dick move.

    • It sounds like you chose to become a commissioner before ever playing in a fantasy baseball league. This is your own fault. Limits should have been set pre-season. Every league I play in has "Losses" as a pitching category to discourage streaming, but you should keep the rules the same the whole season, instead of changing them to benefit other people.

    • I dont have a problem with setting limits, however to change them during the season is unfair. You have to give some credit to the guys that are constantly on the free agent market looking for starters.

    • You are wrong to change the rules in the middle of the season. Streaming pitchers is very common and everyone in the league has the opportunity to do it. Don't get mad at the people for taking advantage of every possibility to win. If making moves is a problem you should have decided that before the season started. I have played in leagues with rule changing commishes and that is far worse than someone who is following the rules the COMMISH set to begin with.

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