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    Should I stay put? EXPERTS ONLY PLEASE

    My team started out pretty horrible as far as batting goes. I was lucky enough to draft Jimenez, Wainwright, Greinke, Carpenter, Gallardo, Verlander, and Vazquez. But my batting has been had all season. But I've made several good pickups within the last month including Brett Gardner, Scott Rolen, Carlos Santana, Jose Bautista, Strasburg, Tyler Clippard, and Colby Lewis. But my big question now is: Should I be content? Or should I try trading off some of my amazing pitching staff for more batters?

    here's my roster:

    Carlos Santana
    (Cle - C)

    Carlos Peña
    (TB - 1B)

    Kelly Johnson
    (Ari - 2B)

    Scott Rolen
    (Cin - 3B)

    Hanley Ramírez
    (Fla - SS)

    José Reyes
    (NYM - SS)

    Troy Glaus
    (Atl - 1B)

    Austin Kearns
    (Cle - LF,RF)

    B.J. Upton
    (TB - CF)

    Shin-Soo Choo
    (Cle - LF,RF)

    Brett Gardner
    (NYY - LF,CF)

    Justin Upton
    (Ari - RF)

    José Guillén
    (KC - RF)

    Jorge Posada
    (NYY - C)

    Ubaldo Jiménez
    (Col - SP)

    Stephen Strasburg
    (Was - SP)

    Zack Greinke
    (KC - SP)

    Evan Meek
    (Pit - RP)

    Colby Lewis
    (Tex - SP,RP)

    Adam Wainwright
    (StL - SP)

    Justin Verlander
    (Det - SP)

    Félix Hernández
    (Sea - SP)

    José Bautista
    (Tor - 3B,LF,RF)

    Chris Carpenter
    (StL - SP)

    Carlos Beltrán
    (NYM - CF) DL

    Jonathan Papelbon
    (Bos - RP)

    Yovani Gallardo
    (Mil - SP)

    Javier Vázquez
    (NYY - SP)

    Tyler Clippard
    (Was - RP)

    Joakim Soria
    (KC - RP)

    Mike Pelfrey
    (NYM - SP)

    Brandon Webb
    (Ari - SP) DL

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    • if its not 12 man or higher, dont bother posting.

      no one gives a fuck who you got in a less than 12 man lg.

      of course youre going to be stacked you have a lot more to choose from than the rest of us who play at the min 12 team leagues....

    • u have a squad. if ur not in first stop playing fantasy baseball

    • You have enough pitching there to be able to afford to move one of them for top bat. Another option would be to look through your free agent crop and try to find a gem. A few guys that you could look at are Billy Butler, Brennan Boesch, Buster Posey, Cobey Rasmus or Aubrey Huff. Every one of these guys other that Rasmus are hitting over .300. Boesch, Rasmus and Huff all over 10 homeruns. Posey is more of a line drive hitter so he will get you more singles and doubles than anything else but that helps in the average department. These guys might not all be availabe but im sure one of them should be. To me Boesch is the best all of them right now. Butler is the highest rated but he may already be on someones team. I have Boesch on my team and he has not disappointed at all. Look at free agents then maybe make a trade for someone. Good luck.

    • No expert here but man you have a great pitching staff. Maybe you should try and trade one or two of those starters for some power. Maybe try to get someone like Prince Fielder as a buy low. I think he will definetely turn it around.

    • I have to agree, you have alot of low average batters on ur team.
      I dont see how u have all those Pitchers. But if you do, you have room to trade one away with a pena or K johnson to get a
      really strong OF with a high AVG and some stolen bases

    • well i can tell right off the bat that pena, kelly johnson, and bautista are hurting your team average pretty bad. especially since pena is batting 200 and kelly johnson has been batting 244 since may. Try to trade for a better 2nd basemen who you know will give you a better average cuz kelly johnson sucks. maybe like a package deal like one of your good bench players and a good pitcher. i would give glaus some starts until pena gets hot and then switch them accordingly. also scott rolen has never been good and is just having a fluke year. if you can improve at 2nd and 3rd and lose a lil pitching depth you will have a pretty stacked team

    • Yeah I have a trade out there offering him for Martin Prado. Hopefully it goes through and I don't regret it.

    • try dealing greinke he's not doing to well though he has had quality starts try and get a good 3rd Basemen tell them that he will bounce back soon.

    • I've made several offers like Jimenez straight up for Cano, but they keep getting rejected, and the guy comes up with a trade like Pujols/Ichiro for Strasburg/Jimenez. But I think I could get higher with them since they're the 2 best pitchers in the league. But I will try the Hamilton/Wainwright thing. That sounds good.

    • u can probably trade wainwright for a guy like josh hamilton you will be fine without him and hamilton is becoming a big time player

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