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  • Charlie Charlie May 27, 2010 11:24 AM Flag

    Should I be worried?

    I have a lot of confidence in my team - but i feel my team is vastly underperforming because i am currently 9th in a 12 team league and my team BA for the season is a horrible .258 - wat do u think about my team? i know its only the start of the season and my team did well yesterday but im impatient to c my team do well more consistently. Here is my staring lineup and rotation:

    C - Jason Kendall .287 (just picked him up)
    1B - Adam Dunn .256 (recently acquired in trade)
    2B - Placido Polanco .311
    3B - Mark Reynolds .232
    SS - Miguel Tejada .256 :O
    OF - Adam Lind .228
    OF - Franklin Gutierrez .291
    OF - Carlos Gonzalez .302
    Util - Nelson Cruz .330 (OF)
    BN - Nyjer Morgan .256 only 8 SBs (OF)
    BN - Cristian Guzman .336 (2B, SS)
    BN - Miguel Montero (DL) - My true starting C; coming back soon

    Rotation: Random order
    SP - Ian Kennedy: 3.41 ERA
    SP - Johnny Cueto: 3.60 (recently acquired with Dunn)
    RP - Heath Bell: 1.29
    RP - Manny Corpas: 2.37
    P - C.J. Wilson: 3.07
    P - Zack Grienke: 3.57
    P - Kris Medlen: 2.57
    BN - Doug Fister: 2.03 (SP)
    BN - Jorge De La Rosa: 3.91 (SP) - Coming back soon

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    • Wow, I think you should be worried. However, there is no reason you can't fix this team. It seems that in your first few trades, you traded quality for quantity, which is never a good idea. I'll break it down by position what you should do:

      C:I'd probably stick with Montero, but Mccan, Mauer and V. Martinez are solid buy lows (maybe not so much with Mauer)
      1B:I would say target Fielder, but you have nobody that is good enough to trade for him. However, you could probably get Derek Lee in a 2-1 deal.
      2B:Aaron Hill. Polanco is still a bit of a sell high, pair him with a pitcher like Cueto or Wilson, and you might get him
      3B: Aram, he's not going to suck all year, and you could probably get him really cheap. Also target Pablo.
      SS: He looks like he's turning it around, so you might not have much time to get him.
      OF: pretty solid if you move Dunn there and Lind picks up, plus OF is very deep. Target Elsbury for runs and sB
      SP: There aren't many proven players in your rotation. Target Felix, Haren and Wandy owners.

      You're going to have to take some big risks to get into the playoffs. Try 2-1s when trading (2 of yours for 1 of his). I hope all this helped.

    • That's a mediocre team at best. Better luck next year.

    • wow how many teams are in your league 18?

    • LOLOLOL@ that team,, i could have got that team, without drafting the first 5 rounds,,, cept Greinke, hahahha

    • plus im winning 12-11 this wk after losing 18-2 in the start of the wk

    • my team does not suck just most of my guys are in slumps and they are finally starting to come out of the slumps

    • and seriously Bro, where are your first 2 picks?

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      • someone in my league has aviles already lol

        i needed a closer and i traded for 2 OFs and a closer- one OF is underperforming (Lind) and the closer was crap (hoffman) but i thought he would turn it around but didnt- the other OF is good (gutierrez) my team has players who had good yrs last yr and im just waiting for them to pick it up its only May lol
        I do admit i traded too much and i think its my inexperience in fantasy and impatience that hurt me.

    • Your team is not very good. I have no idea where your first and second round picks went but i can tell u that u did not get enough back for them.

    • You're weak in a few areas, mainly catcher and outfield. Dunn and Reynolds are low average, high strikeout guys, but posess great power and OBP.

      Check your trading block and see if anyone is offering up any big name players. You may try to land an under performing guy (Fielder, Sizemore, Aaron Hill for example) and hope they pick it up in the 2nd half.

    • Not the best team I've ever seen. I'd look for a better 1b and move Dunn to the outfield because you're pretty shallow with really only 2 guys worth starting (Cruz & CarGo). I'd agree with needing to improve at SS too. As far as pitching, what can I say, you don't have a lot to work with there. Hopefully Grienke gets some run support and gets his era back down. I think De La Rosa will help when he's back, but you've got a lot of liabilities like Wilson and Cueto. I'm a believer in Fister, he's pretty solid and should continue to put up good numbers.

      You're going to have to make some calculated risks at some point and possibly move Heath Bell or one of your good outfielders to buy someone low.

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