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  • Robin W Robin W May 22, 2010 10:03 PM Flag

    Should I pick any of these players up....which one?

    Josh Becket, Aaron Hill and Adam Lind are all free agents in my league.

    My outfield is already more than full. My 2b is currently pretty week with R Weeks and I Stewart. My pitching is solid. If I were to drop someone it would have to be Mike Leake or maybe one of my 2nd basemen. I don't want to let a player who is going to rebound and have a great year slip away... i hold the number 2 waiver position. Any ideas???

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    • definitely Hill. was injured earlier in the year, give him time, he'll bounce back strong. possibly beckett, depending on if you need pitching, if not he's definitely not as consistent as years before, so i'm not as big on him as others are. i currently have Hill and Lind on my team, been keeping lind on the bench, but could heat up at anytime and definitely not a bad option.

    • PICK THEM ALL UP!!!!!!!! YOURE LEAGE MUST BE TERRIBLE !!!!!!!! Aaron Hill for Rickie Weeks , Josh Beckett for anyone of your pitchers. Lind for Stewart


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