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  • Im in need of some shortstop help, right now i have andrus in a 4 team money league. i know your probably asking why dont you go and pick up one theres plenty that are FA. well to tell you the truth the 3 other teams have all of the good Shortstops as their starters and backups. im looking to get jimmy rollins and in order to get him im going to have to make a good trade. so if you could help me out by figuring one to make, Thanks.

    my team:

    C: Mauer
    1st: fielder, howard
    2nd: utley, cano
    3rd: arod, youk
    Ss: andrus
    Of: kemp, suzuki, rasmus, shin soo choo, jayson werth

    his team:

    C:russell martin, brian mccann
    1st:miguel cabrera, cantu ( 3rd base as well ), morneau
    2nd:polanco, kinsler ( DL )
    3rd: chipper, wright
    Ss: hanley, rollins
    Of: ethier, torii hunter, willingham,


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