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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 6, 2010 7:20 PM Flag

    Timm Dodd is a cheater!

    If you're invited to play in a money keeper league by either Timm or Kieth Dodd - Do not join! They have 2 of their cousins join and trade all the stars to 1 roster and won't allow you to make any trades. Since the trade review is set to commissioner, they just ignore any posts about veto.

    # names/email to watch out for:
    Timm Dodd
    Kieth Dodd
    Todd_Trice or Tricer
    timmd@yahoo.com - Team name: Crash N Burn
    Lostraven_19@yahoo.com Team name: benchwarmers

    Only join if you like to throw money away.

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    • Then don't play for him join my a league with a proven track record of 4 years.

      Want to join an awesome CASH league? This is the most unique league out there! And, this year is our 4th season!

      $60 gets you in. There are 20 teams in 4 divisions.

      Top prize $600 first place - plus additional prizes for 2nd, 3rd place and stat categories also paid out! We have an 80% team return rate.

      Read rules carefully – this league contains an interesting twist! At the all-star break, 4 teams are “booted” and players are dropped to waivers for the rest of the league to pick up based on waiver priority. The sixteen teams that remain get 2 keepers for next season, while booted and expansion teams get 2 extra draft picks the following year and pick ahead of everyone else.

      Visit www.cashmoneybaseball.com for complete rules.
      Send email to commish at dalerwhaler@yahoo.com and request to join – an invite will be sent to you, if you can pay the entry fee and have prior Yahoo! Fantasy sports experience.
      Draft is Monday March 21st 8:00 PM EDT 5:00 PM PDT

    • He wasn't just "some guy"...He WAS a friend of ours, but got greedy.

    • To many cheaters to play in privite leagues. Only a sucker puts up money. Do you hand over your money to people you dont know on the streets? Then why do it here! Yahoo doesnt care are take the time to fix its own mess.

    • i learned a long time ago ..... NEVER join a league where the commissioner has veto power. that is a dead giveaway that the commish is up to no good.

      i would also never join a money league unless i knew the person holding onto the money. just my two cents.

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      • The majority of leagues that have commissioner veto have it to prevent the league from vetoing every deal. I know I have it in my leagues because I don't want every trade that might help a team gunning for the championship shot down by the other teams trying for it.

        However I wouldn't join any money league that for anything over 50 dollars without having some knowledge of who was in charge, without there being a independent party involved. Yes I do run a money league, but the fee is only ten bucks.

        There are some ways to tell if a league is on the up and up though.

        If its a keeper league, check its history after joining, if each year the league has to replace over half its teams something is likely up.

        Talk to as many owners in the league as you can, if you find out a high majority of them are related its also probably trouble. Even if its completely legit I'd still probably avoid a league like that since family would likely be far closer then some stranger they just met.

        If its a money league check the past years and see if anyone made a post about receiving their winnings. I make it a point to have the winner post this so the rest of the league knows I'm not pocketing the money, though I did win three of the first four seasons that the league was a money league.

        If you have a bad expirence don't assume every commissioner is out to rob you blind because of it. Before you agree to join a league see if you can talk to the commissioner for a half hour or so on IM just to get a feel for them and their league. For every commish like this guy there are a 1000 that want to have a great league.

      • Just don't go lumping all commissioners who have trades under their control as oiut for their own purposes. I started out giving the managers the vote, but some of them colluded to make trades only with each other (kinda like Timm and his cousins did), so the following years I took it under control myself to eliminate this. I've vetoed maybe one trade a year in the five years since that happened and only do so when they are grossly one-sided.
        I definitely feel bad that this happened to you and I hope those idiots get taken off Yahoo for it. That is why I don't do money leagues.

    • Bumpety, bump, bump

    • Bump!

      Let's get rid of the cheaters!

    • Bump this up.

      Let's get rid of the cheaters!

    • HA! Hey Bill, I was looking for a new league and saw this! Yup, I can confirm it. Timm cheats. He scammed 8 guys out of $100 and split the cash with his 3 family members in the league.

      I trust him like like I would trust a convicted pedophile to work t a day care.

      Wish we could ban him from yahoo.

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      • i don't know these guys from adam, but i had run in with a commish in a football league last fall, and i learned that.

        1. i will not play for money even if it's my brother league.

        2. the only way to make sure everything is on the up and up is either to a public league or commish the league yourself.

        i come in here to have some fun and relax alittle it's to bad that a very few people have to ruin the fun for the rest of us.

      • Actually you can get them banned. Report the league and yahoo will investigate. I got 2 people banned a while back for joining the same league and then making 1 team out of two.


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