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  • New Yorker New Yorker Feb 17, 2010 11:46 PM Flag

    I get 4 Keepers- Who do You pick? Why?

    Ok, So I inherited a horrible team and this is what I was able to build by the end of the year. What 4 players do you keep?

    Elvis Andrus (Tex - SS)
    J.D. Drew (Bos - OF)
    Curtis Granderson (NYY - OF)
    Josh Hamilton (Tex - OF)
    Mike Lowell (Bos - 3B
    Hideki Matsui (LAA - OF)
    Casey McGehee (Mil - 2B,3B)
    Nyjer Morgan (Was - OF)
    Colby Rasmus (StL - OF)
    Nolan Reimold (Bal - OF)
    Joey Votto (Cin - 1B)
    Matt Wieters (Bal - C)

    Carlos Carrasco (Cle - SP)
    Scott Feldman (Tex - SP)
    Matt Guerrier (Min - RP)
    Juan Gutiérrez (Ari - RP)
    J.A. Happ (Phi - SP,RP)
    LaTroy Hawkins (Mil - RP)
    Jim Johnson (Bal - RP)
    Andy Pettitte (NYY - SP)
    Joel Piñeiro (LAA - SP
    Jonathan Sánchez (SF - SP
    Clay Zavada

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    • 1. Votto
      2. Weiters
      3. Granderson
      4. Hamilton

      Let's face it, you are rebuilding. This mean you have to keep Weiters as he is your chance at a superstar at a thin position. Actually, with these four and a good draft you could compete as soon as this year. I did rank them in order btw.

    • Andrus, Granderson, Votto, Wieters.

    • man that sucks for you.lol. id go with 1)Granderson 2)Happ 3)Wieters 4)Votto

    • For an educated decision you should include the league information. How many teams? With a team this week I'm thinking 14-16. What type of league, H2H or ROTO. These details matter when choosing keepers. Either way none of your pitchers are good enough to keep. And this year don't take so many outfielders, get more infielders with power. That said you should most likely keep Votto, a great young hitter; Granderson, 20/20 or 30/30 guy this year after moved to a hitter friendly park; Hamilton, hopefully comes back to 08 form; and probably Andrus because SS position scarcity, he's young with speed on a good offensive team. Wieters is a possibility, but is on a weak team that will struggle, and McGehee may be a sleeper with 2B/3B eligibility-dude can hit and should be the regular 3B this season.
      Good Luck

    • ouch. i would probably go with hamilton, granderson, andrus, and votto. not sure if im sold on wieters yet but he could be worth a grab.

      morgan would be good too BUT only for stealing bases pretty much and as late round draft pick.

    • no one ur team blows

    • Granderson, Votto, Wieters and Andrus. For young position players (2 in hard to fill slots) and all primed for better seasons that last year. The oldest of the group is 28, but he moved to an extreme hitters park. Votto is a BA machine. Wieters has so much upside, it's scary. Andrus will help you with your SBs (odds are it will be hard to find in your draft) and he plays SS which is a position that's aging pretty quickly. Can't beat the fact that he's 21 either.

    • 1. Votto
      2. Hamilton
      3. Reimold
      4. Andrus / Wieters


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