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    Ok so I just finished a draft, 12 team 5x5 Roto. 23 roster spots, here is the team:

    C- A.J Pierzynski
    1B- Kendry Morales
    2B- Jose Lopez
    3B- Pablo Sandoval
    SS- Alexei Ramirez
    OF- Ryan Braun
    OF- Carl Crawford
    OF- Bobby Abreu
    UTIL- Derek Lee
    UTIL- Nolan Reimold
    BN- Carlos Quentin(OF)
    BN- Alex Gordon(3B)
    BN- Skip Schumaker(2B/OF)

    SP- Adam Wainwright
    SP- Matt Cain
    RP- Heath Bell
    RP- Brian Wilson
    P- Brett Anderson
    P- Kevin Slowley
    P- Max Scherzer
    BN- Paul Malhom(SP)
    BN- Brad Lidge(RP)

    Ok so im going to break it down myself but i want feedback as well.

    C- I took AJ very late in the draft, i was going to grab Kurt Suzuki or Montero but they were taken right before me, so I waited and got a proven .300 hitter who won't overproduce but won't tank either, just a safe pick.

    1B- Kendry Morales really impressed me last season, and im looking for him to build on his 2009 totals, with Vlad totally out of the picture now, Morales will be the main man to be driving in runs.

    2B- I grabbed Jose Lopez as one of what i think is a good value pick, he doesn't dazzle you but he is still young and can hit 25-30 homers and he'll be batting somewhere behind Figgins and Ichiro, a good bet for 80-100 rbis.

    3B- Pablo is a very good bet to really breakout this year, his avg suggests hes not just a pure home run hitter like Dunn or Reynolds, he has power and avg, kind of like Fielder, probably a good bet for 30 homers

    SS- Ramirez was probably my hardest pick, He has strong upside and could put up a 20/20 season, but there is risk involve, this was my first pick of a guy who didnt have an average below .300

    OF- outfield has got to be my strongest position. Braun and Crawford have been consistent top 15 players let alone top 15 outfielders. With Braun you get 30 homers 100rbis and a good avg, and with Crawford you could see 20 homers this year, being a contract year, along with 40-60 steals and a good avg. Abreu isn't flashy but his numbers every year are consistent, and having him as my 3rd OF is pretty good.

    UTIL- I couldn't pass on Derrek Lee in this spot, He might be getting older, but he can still swing the bat, he'll be fully healthy opening day and will have protection back with Ramirez, a good bet to repeat last years totals. Reimold has good potential showing he could hit a little last season, an upside pick

    SP- I expect Cain to regress a bit, but im expecting a sub 3.5 era and 170 ks, I think Wainwright will continue his dominance. Brett Anderson kept falling so i had to take him, good upside and pitching for the A's in that ball park will help a lot. Slowley and Scherzer will both high upside picks, both haven't posted sub 4 eras yet, but both have the ability to do so. I picked up Maholm for his home splits only at this point.

    RP- I have to proven closers in bell and Wilson and picked up Lidge as a risk, if he doesn't pan out i will be sure and grab his replacement.

    Any feedback is welcome please!!!!!!

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    • You don't list your scoring categories, so it is a little tough to judge. I would say that you have a pretty good line up and enough pitching to compete. I am not sure why you want 3 RP, since saves is only one category, but to each his own. There is always pitching available on the wavier wire. Every year there are pitchers who seemly come out of nowhere and have a great season. Wainwright is a perfect example of that. I don't know anything about Reimold. Good luck.

    • my man ... ouch

    • Your lineup I'd give an A-. Your team can hit for average, no doubt. You have both power and speed. Sandoval has a HUGE upside. I doubt I wouldv'e taken Schumaker (I would have gone with a sleeper pick). Your weakest position is 2B which is not saying that it is bad since he can get you 20+ HR and 80+ RBI and he is still young.

      Now, onto your pitching. I'd give your pitching a B. I don't agree with you that Cain will regress. I get to see this kid pitch every day and, do you know what? There is no questions he is the real deal. You have a great 1-2 punch in Wainright and Cain, but after that, your rotation needs a little bit more. Anderson and Scherzer could be a dynamo pair for the back end of the rotation, but they are both young and unproven. Malholm is Malholm, nothing flashy. One other starter with a potential for 15 wins is needed.

      I am always one for having 4 closers, but you have 2 great ones in Wilson and Bell (who both pitch in great pitcher parks). Lidge--- well if he is healhty, he'll be solid.


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