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  • Scott Scott Feb 9, 2010 8:03 PM Flag

    tough keeper choices

    i have to keep 1 of the 2 between kinsler and tulo as well as reynolds or kendry morales.

    Based on last years numbers tulo and kinser are very similar which would cause me to lean towards tulo based on scarcity of shortstop over 2b. But I think last year was a down year for kinsler. He had 20 more hits in 60 less abs 2 years ago. My feeling on kinsler is he got hr happy last year due to weaker rangers lineup. I think kinslers upside is higher than tulo.

    In regards to morales and reynolds im completely stumped. People love to hate on reynolds for being inconsistent but I think inconsistent in season is different from inconsistent season to season. Reynolds first season he hit 17 bombs in only 111 games, followed up with a 87 28 97 first full season, than last year 98 44 102 24 so i dont want reynolds is inconsistent as a reason il take inconsistent if the numbers are there in the end...K-MO i think is going to be a stud moving up from 6 in the order to hit 4 this year. He didnt turn it on til summer either last year either.

    lil help please