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  • Chris S Chris S Feb 5, 2010 3:53 PM Flag

    Keeper League Question: who's best

    obviously you haven't done alot of fantasy research...

    Last season Reynolds hit .341 BABIP (Batting Avg on Balls in Play) which is great... however he was well below the avg line drive rate... he only hits line drives 17% of the time... and that doesn't support such a high BABIP... he also had an inflated 26% HR/FB (flyball) ratio which led the majors and is 5% above his career rate... point is... last years #'s were inflated and he was lucky to hit .260... with a 38% career strikeout % and such a low linedrive % and expected dip in HR/FB ratio expect a more reasonable .245-.250 avg with 30-35 HR. With that low avg and lower HR total don't expect 100 RBI either... oh and the steals... he stole 11 bags in his entire minor league career and attempted only 13 in 2008... don't expect 20 steals again... especially considering his career OBP is only .338... point is Reynolds is overrated... TRADE HIM!!!! You can get alot out of him and won't have to be frustrated... he is ranked 19 overall this year in the Yahoo! game and you can get hot hitting SS Jose Reyes and Troy Tulowitzki at 20 / 21 overall... also look for Grady, Matt Holliday, Victor Martinez and Zack Greinke to be hanging around in the 20-30 ranking... and if you are a suave trader you can trade up for Justin Upton, Ian Kinsler, or if you want a striking out slugger... Ryan Howard... point is take Bip Roberts, Dan Haren, and Reynolds but trade Reynolds before season even starts!!!

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