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  • Justin M Justin M Jan 5, 2010 9:08 AM Flag

    Keeper Draft Question

    We are doing an offline draft right now and I was wondering who you think I should keep. The league is a keeper league with standard settings. We have 8 managers. So far, Pujols, Braun, Hanley, Utley, and Arod have been drafted. Since its a keeper, I wasn't sure who I should go with. ****So here is the question...who are the next 5 players that should be selected and in what order. I actually pick 7th, so 1 more guy has to select in front of me. I have until Wed. to choose. WHO are YOUR next 5 guys. thanks

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    • Absolutely longoria if hes still there. hes the ultimate keeper at a thin pos. this is what i would do. take longoria at #7 and take a first base with your next pick. because there should still be a pimp 1B 2 picks later when its ur turn todraft . i would rank the 1B in this order. prince, miggy, tex then howard. prince will most likely be gone when it comes back to u so if u could land miggy u would be set up big time, maybe even tex would be a good pick. stay away from mauer and lincecum even tho they are studs. Mauer doesnt win u championships and there are way too many good pitchers to take one in the first ten picks, especially in an 8 man league. trust me you'll be way ahead of the rest of ur league if u take my advice.

    • Ok here is where I am at...we are currently in the 11th round
      1b Pujols
      2b Phillips
      3b Wright
      SS Tulo
      OF Holliday
      OF Ibanez
      Util Morneau

      SP C Lee
      SP B Webb
      RP Street
      RP _____
      P J Lackey

      I will also have 5 bench spots to fill

      here is what I am throwing around...Berkman, Abreu, Soriano, Valverde, Bailey, M Young, N Morgan, Beltran, Bruce, Baker, C Gonzalez, Alexei Ramirez, Quentin, DLee, Span, Rios, Furcal, Bucholz, and should i waste my time with Strasburg?

      Anyone you would get right away...or stay away from? Do you like the Ibanez pick?

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      • I probably would have passed on Ibanez. But if he stays healthy he's good for .290, 90, 30, 90....

        Are there any SPs there? I'd target another SP or 2 first....

        If there aren't any SP there then I'd grab Abreu, Gonzalez, or Span. Those are the only OFs I would take a risk on....You could probably put Morgan on this list simply because you need some guaranteed steals.....

    • OK Hainje...I'm back with a new keeper team

      Here is my team so far...we are through 8 rounds
      1b Pujols
      2b Phillips
      3b Wright
      SS Tulowitzki
      OF Holliday
      UTIL Morneau

      SP Cliff Lee
      SP Brandon Webb
      *****What do I need? These are who I am looking at next...what do you think...
      Adam Dunn, Jake Peavy, Carlos Lee, John Lackey, Adam Jones, Hanson, Jiminez, Soria, Bell....is it too early to mess with saves? The elite guys are gone...what about speed?
      A lot to think about, but I would appreciate your input. Thanks a lot!

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      • How many teams? How many players will be kept? I'm assuming you have bench spots, right? That team is stacked!!

        I would focus on SP for now. Hanson is the first guy I'd look at. What about Gallardo or Kershaw? Hamels, Nolasco, Lackey, Jurrjens is who I would look at next...... Then Baker, Anderson, Lilly, Floyd...

        I usually don't worry about RPs until late. The 12th round is when I start looking at them. I generally take the best value pick and I usually try to get at least 4 of them. If you get great SPs then the poor ERAs of your closers aren't that big of a deal....

        There are usually sooooo many OF to snag during the regular season. I'd wait on them and grab someone like Denard Span, Jay Bruce, or wait even longer and get Chris Coghlan, Franklin Gutierrez, Colby Rasmus, or JD Drew. Keep your eyes peeled at the beginning of the year. If you do so you can find the Morales, Adam Jones, McCutcheons and what not.....If you can get a guy that steals bases that would help. Your team is very well rounded, but the SBs is you weakness.

        I'd wait on your C....Target Suzuki or Montero. I think they have the most upside for their draft spots. If there is a run on Cs and they are still there, I'd snag one of them.

    • No problem man....I was really liking you team too.

    • Update on my team: 1b Cabrera 2b Kinsler 3b Wright Of Holliday....J.Santana is off the board now

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      • 5th round? If Rollins or Reyes are available I think I would take a shot on them. Not really a risk drafting them in the 5th in my opinion. You would then have a young IF, probably the best in the league. You could then stack your SPs and fill the rest of your OF with late high upside guys...

      • So, you drafted Greinke with #3 and flipped him for Kinsler, then took Holliday? Nice.

        Now you have to let it go all the way around until your 5th pick?

        This is a HUGE shot in the dark, but if he's there, I'd grab Adrian Gonzalez. If your league is smart though, he should go in the next couple of picks.

        Justin Morneau should be great value as well. It sucks having two 1B already, but Morneau is 2nd round talent. Being injured last August really brought down his draft value.

    • who do I keep in a 3 player keeper league: Seventh Year.
      Cabrera Mig.
      Upton J.
      King Felix
      Carlos Lee

    • I think there is a few basic rules about your first pick in a draft: never take some one who is unproven, 1 good year is unproven, never pick a pitcher and never pick some one who is injurey prone. With that in mind you cant go past miggy, kemp, wright or prince with prince being my first pick from those 4 for a keeper league.

    • well kinsler and justin upton are gone and its my pick....what do you think holliday, greinke, or maybe adrian gonzo...even though I already have DWright and MCabrera???

    • im in the begin of third round in my keeper league draft right now. Kemp, Crawford,Fielder and Howard went the next 4. I was very surprised that both Kemp and Crawford went so early. I had the 4th pick and went with Braun and somehow ended up with Miguel Cabrera round 2 (17th overall) It's really such a crap shoot after the first 5.Picks 6-15 IMO can go in any order depending on whose drafting, just depends on who u like. The best way to draft I feel is to target players in the middle rounds (round 5-10)that you like to be starters and draft the top rounds with those players in mind. If a player that plays the same position as someone you are targeting in a later round falls to you take him and adjust, but this way it's a win/win and you walk away from the draft feeling like you got what you wanted or better most of the time. GOOD LUCK!

    • each person is supposed to get 1 day to pick in the first 4 rds then 12 hours to pick after that, all though it hasn't been strictly enforced to this point........
      also, hainje---if kinsler or tulo is gone, what do you think about pedroia since he will be getting SS eligibility.,..will that bump his value at all ?

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      • I seriously doubt that Pedrioa will get SS eligibility. This was a rumor told before the acquisition of Marco Scutaro. Now that he's only the squad I seriously doubt they will have Dustin in the SS spot....

        If he does gain SS eligibility it will certainly help him. After the Reyes, Rollins, Tulo trio I don't see there being any great options left at SS. I really like Yunel Escobar though.....Pedrioa would fall into that trio as a 3rd or 4th rounder, or even earlier. I wouldn't draft him based on that rumor though.

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