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  • JAH JAH Jan 6, 2010 11:02 AM Flag

    Keeper Draft Question

    Let me role this by you real quick......

    As far as Kemp and Mauer go......

    Mauer is THE top C. No doubt. Outside of him there isn't anything. The way I see it is 1 team can get a good C, the rest are stuck with average Joes. You could take that 2 ways, 1) I want to have the advantage and get Mauer, 2) I'll just be like the others and let someone else pay for him. Me? I'm a just blend in with the pack type of guy when it comes to Cs. I took chances during the draft with the Cs and it worked out. I got Soto 2 years ago and Sandoval last year. This year, I would get Kurt Suzuki late and watch him finish in the top 5 of Cs.....With Kemp, there are TONS of OFs out there. Kemp is for sure one of the top ones, but why waste a keeper spot on him when you can draft guys that will finish in the top 50 after the 10th round? Just my opinion, but Kemp shouldn't be drafted until just outside of the top 20.


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