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  • eric eric Dec 19, 2009 3:30 PM Flag

    Official Y!FB Keeper League

    I'm planning on starting a 20 team, head-to-head, 2 division (AL,NL), keeper league. The playoff format will probably be the top team 4 teams from both divisions make the playoffs. The draft order will be random. The league votes on trades. We'll use the Yahoo! Can't Cut List. There will be a 3 day waiver time.

    The positions will be:
    25 players just like a real team.

    The stats will be:
    Batting Average, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Runs, Hits, Stolen Bases, and On Base Percentage

    Wins, Earned Run Average, Strike Outs, Walks, Saves, Holds, and Fielding Percentage

    I'm asking know because the people who still check fantasy baseball are true fans. Please be ready to play multiple years. The stats can be changed if the majority of the league decides to. If you are interested in joining leave your name, email address, favorite team (will be your team name. No repeats please), and a short statement saying you will be an active manager. Please ask questions or leave comments.
    (sorry its so long)

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    • i want in!!! eccclips@yahoo.com 71 % profile 100% reliable

    • lmoraleslmorales@yahoo.com
      look at my trophies for various sports

    • hello my name is Bob Garrison. garrisonb28@yahoo.com . i like San Diego and Boston Redsox. dont matter witch one. i love the sport cant get enuff of it im that active. i love to trade i get into the game. if you have room i would love to play in your league. thank you

    • Name: Anthony
      fav team: red sox but im sure they are gonna be taken so i can also take texas,florida or san fran, and if one of those teams are taken just give me any team exept for baltimore or the yankees.

      Hey eric
      i promise to be active because i really enjoy fantasy baseball and i have playoff finishes in both of my 09 leagues including a second place finish and you cant do that by being inactive, i enjoy fantasy sports to much to be inactive and it shows cause i have 13 teams in one year. I really hope i can be a part of your keeper league cause im sure it will be so much fun for a long time.

    • Count me in. Active manager who has been playing fantasy baseball for 20+ years. Eric, I will send you an email so you have mine, and any other details you need. Put me down for the Indians. Looking forward to it.

      Also wanted to chime in on a couple of the other subjects in here...

      I would suggest setting a max number of moves teams are permitted to make each week or over the course of the entire season. Adds to the H2H strategy and helps curtail streaming. I'm in another 20-teamer that allows 5 per week and it works out well.

      Would also suggest setting min number of innings per week. Figure 5 innings per starter and one start per week, plus 5 innings total from your relievers. With the 5 SP structure you are proposing, a min of 30 innings would probably work out well.

      I would be careful with the "League Votes" setting for trades. IMO, if you have a strong commissioner (and judging from the posts here, you seem to fit the bill) it is really unnecessary. That setting tends to result in arguments and hard feelings. If someone feels a trade is unfair, allow them to send a protest to you, the commissioner, and you have final veto authority. Just my $0.02.

    • Hey Eric, my name is Bill I'm a big Dodger fan and I am real interested in joining this league. I am a dedicated owner (2nd and 3rd in my two leagues last year) and I've always wanted to be in a keeper league but never have. My e-mail is billschmaggle@yahoo.com. Please let me know and I don't mind being a different team if someone has already taken the Dodgers.

    • name: Brian
      email: goldminers@rocketmail.com
      favortite team: Red Sox
      I will be an active manager, the league sounds really cool.

    • srry if i post to much --> blue jays for me :)

    • Hi My name is Harry, my email is p0wn4g3@hotmail.com the O is a zero, Im very interested in joining a fantasy baseball league I just started using yahoo but Im currently very active in a fantasy hockey league. Please let me know thx :)

    • my name is kenny, very interested, NY Yankee fan, email is byrneskenny91@yahoo.com

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