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  • white angus white angus Oct 5, 2009 8:02 AM Flag

    got robbed of my league title!!!

    just checked the final tally of our league; was up 3 pts
    on the final day yet lost by almost 4. the team in second had 3 innings available to pitch on the final day yet was awarded 31 innings. it says he has pitched 28 innings over the limit yet the points were allowed... i hate to sound bitter, but i am!
    this would have been my first gold medal but something is wayyyyyyy wrong over here. if anyone has any ideas about what happened, let me know. would appreciate it.

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    • report it to the league comissioner

    • Read the rules - you get credit for all innings pitched the day you go over the limit. The 2nd place guy clearly took a gamble streaming guys on the last Sunday, and it paid off for him.

    • Sorry dude but thats just good management. He recognized where he was and then set his pitching, I did the same, I was 5 innings under the threshold and benched all my pitchers one day cus on the next I had, Doc, Lackey and Lee starting the next.

    • You didn't "get robbed." Your opponent is just using smart stategy maximizing his innings. If you can, it's always a good idea to run your inning as close to 1250 as possible, and then load up with 7 pitchers. Of course that stategy only works if you need W, SV, or K; could backfire if you blow ERA or WHIP pitching fringe starters.

      You can also maximize OF by getting games played to one below the maximum, and then playing 3 OF (or more if there are double headers). I've won one league before by a single SB, and another by a single RBI (and also came in second because of a single K), so every stat matters. Just makes sense to grab the most you can. Kind of like managing the clock at the end of a football game to squeeze in a few more plays.

    • The rules have been the same for this very subject for eons. Look under Games/Innings Restrictions and it clearly states: "All players active on the day a maximum is reached will receive credit for their stats". It's not cheating...it's simply reading the rules. Therefore,if on the next to last day of the season for an example(which I did myself)...or actually on any day you reach your max....ALL players playing that position on that day count. I had 1 game left on Staurday for my OF's....played all 3 and got all points. I also had approx 5.1 innings pitched left on Saturday...started Kazmir,Randy Wells,Pettite and Ryan Rowland Smith....ALL my points counted and I easily hit that 5.1 innings pitched I had left.

    • ANY pitcher that is slated to pitch on ANY day that innings are available (even if its only 1) is eligable for ALL innings pitched. Its a strategy thing that bags people every year......Don't feel bad. You are NOT alone. Better luck next year.

    • Read the rules. All innings pitched on the day you exceed the maximum count.

    • They just posted an article that includes the following:

      It's possible (and legal) to exceed a games or innings max

      Again, we'll consult the official rules: "All players active on the day a maximum is reached will receive credit for their stats."

      Let's say that your rotisserie league has an innings maximum of 1250, and your squad is at 1248.1 IP. Depending on the impact that a few extra wins or Ks might have, you may want to load up on probable starters. Every stat accumulated on the day you reach the innings max will count. In the Friends & Family League, I just did the mass-add of starting pitchers in preparation for hit-the-limit day. (And then I later dropped half my pitching staff, picking up a few of the best available bats). The end result is that my team will finish the year 28 innings beyond the max (pictured). With any luck, that move will net me an extra point. With incredible luck, I'll get an extra 1.5. Thanks, Kevin Correia(notes).

      Please note that this innings/games max maneuver isn't cheating, nor is it a loophole. These are simply the rules. We're playing a game, and you need to actively manage.

    • This has been a known "cheat" for years... if you get to the end and have even 1/3 of an inning left, the last day is "all you can eat" -- Y! system can't put the brakes on it.

      Better luck next year....

    • yes, in roto, if you are under the IP limit on the last day, you could start 7 SP on the last day if you could find them and all their stats would count.

      better luck next year haha

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