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  • Kyle Smith Kyle Smith Sep 30, 2009 1:45 PM Flag

    Is Dropping and adding pitchers Cheating?

    Is Keeping your aces and rotating out your other pitchers on and off the waiver line cheating? I make on average a move per day. Am I cheating because some are pissed off. There is no limit on moves in this league.

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    • No- if the system allows it and their is no prohibition you have an obligation to do everything to win. Sounds like you're dealing with crybabies to me

    • Hell no. I just got called out on the message board in my league for doing this, by a dude already eliminated from the playoffs. But guess what. I'm also about to win the whole tamale. I agree with others, if the other managers don't like it, put in an innings limit or limit roster moves. I made almost 240 moves this year, finished fifth, barged through the playoffs and tomorrow I will be league champ. It's all about the numbers. If you make it work, you're the best manager.

    • I have been doing the same thing for years. I some times use the Free agents as my bull pen. I have won 1st 2nd & 3rd place finishes. I now have 15 trophys. Good luck

    • If it is I'm a big cheater. i made 85 such moves in my short season league....it ruined my WHIP and era but helped wins and K's...so there is a risk/reward factor...also i was down to just 5 innings this week so I saved them for the last day of season and will then go over the max allowed for innings pitched by starting everyone i could get my hands on,but they will all count cause i started the day under limit...your the manager so you do what is legal and what u need to do to win...let the others whine

    • If there is no rule against it, then it is not cheating. If you were losing no one would care. When people lose they make excuses. I applaud you for going all out. I don't play head to head anymore, but last year I tried drafting a stud lineup, a bunch of mediocre pitchers, and streaming. I crushed everyone in my league (in part because some of the pitchers I was streaming were pitching well start after start, and I found some hidden gems). In almost every league I am in I am first or second in moves for the season. It is called managing your team. Plus, streaming keeps you up on who is hot/not on the waiver wire.

    • You must have really junk pitcers you are rotating or really dump owners. If the pitchers you drop are any good the other owners should grap them to upgrade their team.

    • Hell no it's NOT cheating. It's what EVERY experienced f-baseball manager does in the playoffs! You watch, all of your co-managers will do it next year (if they haven't already started).

      Next year, the commish needs to set a max # of moves. This way you'll get rewarded (come playoff time) if you were frugal w/ your moves.

      I've been in leagues with 80, 70, & 60 moves allowed. It's amazing how quick moves can add up over the course of 6-months!

    • it's roto...day to day...cumulative scoring..it's strategy not cheating,

      they're dumb for not doing it

    • Hell no! Everyone has the opportunity to do it, plus you run the risk of jacking up your ERA and WHIP, and depending on league settings, you could add to the loss column as well! I do it in baseball and hockey (drop non keeper players during playoffs with less games remaining for players that have more games remaining - it only hurts the + / - rating if anything)

    • Its annoying as hell, but not cheating if you are in a league that allows unlimited moves. Based on this trend though I try to stay in leagues that limit the number of moves, some guys move three pitchers every day which is overkill and it's impossible to keep up with them in the win column. This gets even more annoying in the playoffs, but again if your league allows it, then go for it.

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