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  • James James Sep 30, 2009 2:56 PM Flag

    Is Dropping and adding pitchers Cheating?

    Consider this: Typically, I have very good starting pitching on my teams (and I win lots of leagues). This year, my starters didn't pan out (some injuries and some busts). I was forced into a streaming situation. IF this happened in your league, would the other managers EXPECT you to throw in the towel and quit? OR would they expect you to field your best team? IF they expect your to give it your best shot (which is all you can do), then why are they angry? I see posts regarding streaming as "unethical" or "not the right way to play". Forget it. The only thing "unethical" or "not the right way to play" is if you don't go out and give it your absolute best. If you give it your all and get beat, then congratulate the winner and start counting days until draft day. Good luck.

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    • While I find it annoying in our championship game that the best team isn't guaranteed to win (mine), streaming pitchers and picking up guys playing double-headers is part of the game. All I can do is manage my lineup and try to out-stream him. Doesn't help that he is in Europe and has picked up all the guys for the day before I've woken up.

      If managers don't like streaming, they should set a roster move limit of 40-50 for the season. My league has 80 moves which kept things pretty sane until the playoffs started.


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