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  • John John Aug 1, 2009 4:16 AM Flag

    tell me what you think right now

    Cal Ripken, Jr. being one of the best players to play the game if not the 3rd best ever

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    • I think that there are a TON of players you've apparently not heard of.

      He might be the 3rd best Oriole ever - Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, and Jim Palmer were also quite good. I'd put him at #2 behind Brooks Robinson, but I could see placing Frank or Jim Palmer ahead of him as well.

      But then when you bring players from other teams into it, there's not a chance in hell that he even makes the top 10

      My top 10 hitters all time would be:
      Babe Ruth
      Ted Williams
      Ty Cobb
      Stan Musial
      Mickey Mantle
      Willie Mays
      Hank Aaron
      Jimmie Foxx
      Rogers Hornsby
      Albert Pujols

      There's no question at all that all 10 of those guys are better than Ripken. I could easily name another dozen hitters who I think are better than Ripken. And thats not even including pitchers or players from the negro leagues (like Josh Gibson). And I grew up in Maryland, and I like Cal Ripken. But he's nowhere near being one of the best ever.

    • Mays,Aaron,Musial... the list goes quite a ways before ya get to Ripken. But he's closer to the top than the bottom of the list.


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