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  • Kerpal Kerpal Jul 28, 2009 10:51 AM Flag

    OK OK Stats are not up...but

    The stats arent up yet and I'm considering switching my Fantasy website next year. Anybody have good experience with CBSSports or ESPN Fantasy Baseball leagues?
    Any other good points about leagues on other websites?
    I'm looking for free leagues (tough economy).
    Post your experiences here please.

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    • Already researched due to the horrible service from yahoo. cbs and espn offer free fantasy for all sports. And guess what??? They actually update every day. Including players on the DL etc. Yahoo has to be the worst site out there for fantasy. Absolute worst... How many time has this happened already this year. Stat tracker is not even worth using let alone paying for.

    • Oh ya ESPN is ALOT better then...moving all my leagues this fall to ESPN

    • maybe for baseball i'll do a different site but for football im going to do yahoo because they have free lving scoring this year which is a first. espn is ok but something about espn makes me like yahoo better. fox sports is ok too.

    • the yahoo's at yahoo don't give a RATS A$$ when will people start to figure that out...I HAVE..........

    • I tried a free ESPN baseball league for the first time this year, and it has been pretty good so far. Stats are always up the next day, and instead of stattracker they will actually put stats up for live games for free. I do like yahoo's layout better, but ESPN is a solid option.

    • Ok, yahoo sucks, stattracker is horrible. But we always end up here and I always seem to buy stattracker.

      CBS is ok, but it's very clunky and hard to use at times. The free leagues give you next to zero control over the league. If you are paying and have a league full of people that will pay dues...head over to CBS and never look back.

      If you have a bunch of cheap asses for friends, then stay here.

      ESPN, I have never tried. Maybe somebody else can give you their opinion on ESPN.

      Yahoo sucks, this happens 4-5 times per season. Stat tracker was crap for the first month and with the execption of going back and forth on Buerle's PG last week, it has been pretty solid. Yes I am taking into account that stat tracker always seems to be a batter or two, sometimes a half inning behind MLB.com.

      If MLB ever comes up with something good, they will kill the fantasy market....NOTE TO MLB :p

    • i've only been in espn fantasy football they give you up to date stats so i think i'm going that way next year


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