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  • c c Jul 23, 2009 12:19 AM Flag

    Whats up with my team maan?!?!

    I have a great team but I'm still in 4th place in my league. Any advice or help would be appreciated. My team is:

    C: Joe Mauer
    1B: Prince Fielder
    2B: Brandon Phillips or Aaron Hill
    SS: Jimmy Rollins or Troy Tulowitzki
    3B: Jorge Cantu or Scott Rolen
    LF: Carlos Quentin or Jacoby Ellsbury
    OF: Josh Hamilton, Matt Kemp, Grady Sizemore
    UTIL: Justin Upton, Adam Jones, Alex Rios, Felipe Lopez, Michael Bourn

    SP: Tim Lincecum, Jusin Verlander, John Lester, Chris Carpenter, Rich Harden, Carlos Zambrano, Matt Garza

    RP: Johnathan Papplebon, Joakim Soria, Ryan Franklin, Scott Downs

    WTF MAN!!??!!??

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    • I think you have a good team. and 4th place aint bad.
      like someone said, you need more HR power, it should help you in hits/hr/avg/ops.

      I don't understand if you have a bench... Are the players after the 'or' the ones on bench?

      do you really need 4 RPs ?? stay with 3 and get another good batter so you can manage a better bench system.

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      • Yeah thats what I meant. As of right now this is my line up
        C: Joe Mauer
        1B: Prince Fielder
        2B: B. Phillips
        3B: Scott Rolen
        SS: J. Rollins
        LF: C. Quentin
        OF: J. Hamilton
        OF: M. Kemp
        OF: G. Sizemore
        UTIL: J. Upton, T. Tulowitzski, A. Hill
        BN: J. Ellsbury, A. Rios, A Jones, J. Cantu, F. Lopez, M. Bourn

        And well my pitching is the same as the first post.

        I offered a trade to someone in my league I give G. Sizemore I get Pablo Sandoval. I think he will probably accept it and that should give me the power I've been missing. As for RP goes i think Im going to drop Downs and pick up D. Lowe since someone just dropped him in my league.

    • get a 3B w HRs

    • trade for a good SS or 3B

    • Give it time. A lot of those players were/have/are slumping or have/are injured.
      Just because a team looks good on paper doesn't mean it's going to translate to success. Fantasy or otherwise.

    • Uh, thats bout right..
      im in 4th plce with this roster:
      going between 4th and 3rd place right now....

      C Yadier Molina (StL - C)
      1B Justin Morneau (Min - 1B)
      2B Felipe López (Mil - 2B,3B,SS,OF)
      3B Hank Blalock (Tex - 1B,3B)
      SS Derek Jeter (NYY - SS)
      OF Johnny Damon (NYY - OF)
      OF Michael Bourn (Hou - OF)
      OF Bobby Abreu (LAA - OF)
      Util Jim Thome (CWS - Util)
      SP Cole Hamels (Phi - SP)
      SP Dan Haren (Ari - SP)
      RP Ryan Franklin (StL - RP)
      RP Joe Nathan (Min - RP)
      P Roy Halladay (Tor - SP)
      P Andrew Bailey (Oak - RP)
      P Joba Chamberlain (NYY - SP,RP)
      BN Ryan Theriot (ChC - SS)
      BN Jason Varitek (Bos - C)
      BN Aaron Cook (Col - SP)
      BN Joe Blanton (Phi - SP)
      BN Gavin Floyd (CWS - SP)
      DL Tim Wakefield (Bos - SP) DL

    • I am in first place by a good margin in my league. I rank players based on what they did the previous year. I stay away from rookies until I can see some numbers for a full year. Based on my draft method, here is how I would rate the players on your team.

      You seem to be overloaded in speed, but that typically gives you good numbers in 3 categories (Runs/SB/Avg).

      You have great pitching both SP/RP.

      Your power numbers are not as strong as I would like. A solid power hitter will give you 5 or more categories (R/HR/RBI/AVG/SLG and Speed with power is a 5-Tools player)

      Mauer: Average hitter in '08 - good runs/rbi's/avg, low power with only 9 HR

      Fielder: No advice - great pick

      Phillips: Good speed, low average, good power numbers

      Hill: Not enough data for 2008 to make decision (low average and power numbers)

      Rollins: Good pick for speed and runs

      Tulolwitzki: Not enough data for 2008 to make decision (low average and power numbers)

      Cantu: No advice - great pick

      Rolen: Low numbers across the board in 2008, even with 200 less at bats. I judge based on wanting to see around 100 RBI's/100 Runs/25 to 30 HR/.300 Avg (steals is a plus for 5-Tools players)

      Quentin: No advice - great pick

      Ellsbury: Good speed, runs and average

      Hamilton: Great pick, but injured for awhile

      Kemp: Good speed, runs and average

      Sizemore: Great pick, but injured for awhile

      Util players: Rios/Bourn great speed, but I had the rest of them ranked low

      SP: Great with Lincecum, Lester, Harden, Zambrano. Carpenter and Garza were not ranked high by me based on '08 numbers.

      RP: Solid

      Here is why I am in first place. Guys in my league were picking speed (rollins, reyes, etc.) while I was picking power.

      Power and 5-Tools: Sizemore, Ludwick, Dye, Delgado, Beltran, Cantu (I also had Youkilis who I gave up in a trade for Lincecum).

      Speed: Bourn, Figgins

      SP: Lincecum, Lilly, Kershaw, Buehrle and I dropped Ervin Santana and picked up Nolasco and Kazmir who were dropped by another team when they were doing bad.

      RP: Cordero, Street and Soria

      Other players: Theriot SS, Escobar SS, Molina C, Napoli C, Konerko 1B, Hudson 2B,

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        just look at my team...
        C Victor Martinez
        1B Albert Pujols
        2B Aaron Hill
        3B Miguel Cabrera
        SS Hanley Ramirez
        OF Carl Crawford
        OF Ryan Braun
        OF Ichiro Suzuki
        UTIL Matt Kemp
        BENCH Curtis Granderson
        BENCH Carlos Quentin

        SP Dan Haren
        SP Matt Cain
        SP CC Sabathia
        SP Chris Carpenter
        SP Zach Grenke
        SP Josh Beckett
        RP Mariano Rivera
        RP Joe Nathan
        RP Brian Fuentes
        RP Andrew Bailey

        This is 12 team public league.
        RichardC, Please help me and tell me what to do.
        I have to win this LEAGUE !!!!!

      • im still in first but lost 5 weeks in a row 3 wt. big losses i have

        of-jayson bay
        of-josh hamilton
        util-franklin guiterrez

        sp-roy halladay
        sp-felix hernandez
        sp-dan haren

        how am i losin 5 weeks straight my teams the biggest slumpin team and my average for every week in the past 5 was at least 190 highest 200 i hate this team at the moment

      • Thanks for that detailed summary. I figured it had something to do with my power. I used to lead my league in home runs, but some of my only power hitters such as Hamilton and Quentin are just starting to get back into rhythm, and Rollins just snapped that horrid drought that was sucking my BA dry. All things considered my team was hit hard early on by injuries (Mauer, Quentin, Hamilton) and as of late I've been climbing the standings. This week however has been a disaster for my hitting and pitching for that matter. It is a long season though, and I think once some of my power hitting studs get back on track I think my team will be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.

    • You are in fourth place.


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