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  • New Yorker New Yorker Jul 14, 2009 2:30 PM Flag

    So, Should I just Quit?

    Help me- email me at jrodphx@yahoo.com

    So should I just quit or build for next year
    4 keeper league H2H 12 teams..
    I am 35-106-6 this year

    my current roster

    C Matt Wieters
    1B Derrek Lee
    2B Skip Schumaker
    3B Hank Blalock
    SS Felipe López
    OF Curtis Granderson
    OFJosh Hamilton
    OF Nolan Reimold
    Util Luke Scott

    SP Brad Bergesen
    SP J.A. Happ
    RP Jon Rauch
    RP Sean Burnett
    P LaTroy Hawkins
    P Kiko Calero
    P Dallas Braden
    BN Jed Lowrie
    DL Mike Lowell
    SP Joe Blanton
    SP Tim Wakefield
    P John Grabow
    SP Joel Piñeiro
    DL Kevin Slowey

    Any advice welcomed..

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    • pujols can single handedly crush your team

    • ouch that is an ugly team

    • WOW! How the hell did you get so bad? On purpose? Even in very large leauges you should be able to have at least a handfull of good players.

      I don't even know who you could really trade, D Lee? Blalock, Blanton? Granderson? Myabe somebody would give you prospects for those, but except Hamilton, there is not much here.

    • did you not have a first or second round pick? i hope you dont say hamilton. but if so, you couldnt have taken him twice....

    • I'm in a 14 team keeper league (top 8 playoff teams keep 3, bottom 6 non-playoff teams keep 4, that is a total of 48 players kept). I, like you, inherited an awful team. I threw in the towel for the year and started rebuilding keepers for next year. I'm obviously keeping 4 players, so I started making moves early. I drafted fairly well so I had pieces to move, but considering the top 35-40 players plus were being kept (not on my team), I had some work to do.

      My current roster:

      C John Baker
      1B Martín Prado
      2B Howie Kendrick
      3B Ryan Zimmerman
      SS Asdrubal Cabrera
      OF Grady Sizemore
      OF Scott Podsednik
      OF Hideki Matsui
      Util Brandon Wood
      BN Miguel Cabrera
      BN Evan Longoria
      BN Scott Rolen
      BN Jim Thome
      DL Jay Bruce
      DL José Reyes

      P Mike MacDougal
      P Scott Baker
      P Aaron Harang
      P Luke Hochevar
      P Clay Buchholz
      P Chad Gaudin
      P Ervin Santana
      BN José Contreras
      BN Chris Tillman
      DL Matt Lindstrom

      It is a crap team, but at the moment I managed to get for keepers: Migeul Cabrera, Evan Longoria, Jose Reyes, Grady Sizemore, and Ryan Zimmerman. That is 5 solid pieces for a 4 keeper league. I can still make a move. Thinkn long-term my friend and don't give up.

    • Curtis Granderson is young and talented, perhaps worth keeping considering everything else you have, but like others have stated, try to trade some of your talent so you can at least position yourself for next season.

      I would allow Hamilton to gain some value though, don't sale low on him. He has been hitting the ball well since his return.

      Look, on draft day I couldn't log in and the computer drafted the highest ranked available players, but through the waiver wire, FA and trades I was able to retool. I was in last placed and now I am in 9th in a 12 team league and moving on up :) It's hard to help without knowing what your options are, but get creative, have fun rebuilding...especially if you're in a keeper league.

    • Trade Slowey n Happ and 2 closers for a great pitcher(Chris Carpenter)
      Trade Hamilton for Justin Upton(HE IS PROJECTED TO GO IN FIRST ROUND NEXT YEAR!)

      Then I would say drop all of ur bad players for guys that are injuried next year but will be back next year(Ben Sheets?)

      With the first pick select Stephen Strasburg or trade for the first waiver by dealing a couple of **** players to get rid of em

      Hope It Works!

    • that is by far and away the worst team ive seen in a 12 team league - very bad drafting - throw the towel in

    • trade EVERYTHING for 4 beast keepers and try to get one BEAST pitcher like carpenter(hes going to be GREAT next year) and screw this year.
      just pick up some waiver guys

    • dude dont quit you have 4 keepers for next year in Lee (crushing since getting healthy), Wieters (will get there), hamilton (great when healthy), and then granderson, scott, or happ. ALso if your league is like mine the last place team gets first pick next year. By next year u could improve to middle of the pack and the year after compete for the win.

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