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  • Winter Winter Jul 9, 2009 8:18 AM Flag

    I'm baffled (my everday lineup)

    I've been trying to get my hitters to produce because they all decided to slump at the same time and what ended up happening was that when I benched somebody who struggled, almost instantly that person would have a good day while on my bench.

    In the last two days, my bench players have gone 11/17, 7 R, 2 HR, 10 RBI. And they were different guys too.

    So my question is, how do I maximize the production of my lineup every day? Who do I start on a consistent basis? I have the following spots to fill:


    Here are the players I have to fill those spots:

    Brian McCann- C
    Brandon Inge- C/3B/OF
    Todd Helton- 1B
    Nick Johnson- 1B
    Casey MacGahee- 2B/3B
    Martin Prado- 1B/2B/3B
    Macier Izturis- 2B/3B/SS
    Ben Zobrist- 2B/SS/OF
    Mark DeRosa- 2B/3B/OF (DL)
    Brad Hawpe- OF
    Nyjer Morgan- OF
    Luke Scott- OF
    Scott Posednik- OF
    Adam Lind- OF

    The problem isn't that my guys aren't producing- they are- it's just that I always seem to make the wrong choice about how to start on a consistent basis. :-p

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    • with a roster like that, you basically have to pick a starting lineup and roll with it unless an obvious match up arises or someone is hot or on a roll. maybe you should look to trade one of you SP's to get a better middle IF and OF. with what you have, this is what i'd be inclined to set as my everyday lineup, except for when players have off days. you have to pick starters and pick bench players and try to stick to that.
      C McCann
      1B Helton
      2B McGahee (DeRosa when he returns)
      3B Inge
      SS Zobrist
      OF Hawpe
      OF Lind
      OF Scott
      Util Morgan/Johnson

      I have to believe that you can find a decent OF on waivers too. sort by season rankings and then change it to monthly as well. find someone who is better than Posednik

      Good Luck!

    • C McCann
      1B Helton
      2B MacGahee/Izturis/Prado - your choice- personally I think they all s.u.ck
      3B Inge - weak, should be a bench backup at C or 3B
      SS Zobrist
      OF Lind
      OF Scott
      OF Hawpe
      Util Morgan

      This is what happens when you jump on the next hot ticket. You end up with Zobrist, Scott, Inge, but also MacGahee, Izturis, and Prado (who should be combined into one player.)

      Also, I'm trying to figure out who you drafted, because most of these players were free agents after my 12 team draft ended (except McCann, don't see a 16th rounder or less on your roster). Did you draft pitching 15 times in the first 16 rounds and if so can you tell us what your staff is?

    • what a terrible line up... who the hell was your top pick?

    • C - McCann
      1B - Helton
      2B - McGahee
      3B - Inge
      SS - Zobrist
      OF - Lind
      OF - Hawpe
      OF - Scott
      Util - Podsednik

      Thats a decent lineup. You will always have guys who go through slumps, and guys who have big games on your bench. Its the nature of the beast. Stick with your best players and ride it out. That being said, Johnson, Izturis, and Prado have no business being on your roster. There's gotta be something better on the waiver wire.

    • wow your team SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

    • i had the same prob but its baseball its gonna happen u gotta stick with ur guys and wait it out like nvr bench ur great players C-mccann 1B- Helton 2B- Casey Mcgehee SS- Zobrist 3B- izturiz but then restart derosa at 3B wen he comes back Of-Hawpe Morgan and Lind and Posednik at UTIL

    • Oh well, here's my pitching:

      SP- Justin Verlander
      SP- Tim Lincecum
      SP- Chris Carpenter
      SP- Edwin Jackson
      RP- Jonathan Papelbon
      RP- Joe Nathan
      RP- Joakim Soria
      RP- Mike McDougal

      So far, with this staff, I'm project to come slightly under my league's inning limit and I'm pretty high up in the pitching categories. If my hitters start producing regularly, I could easily be in the top 3 of the league.

    • dang, id hate to have this team.......get rid of all of them.....trade, do somethin....ugly team

    • I think you've hit your problem in the first sentence. Figure out which guys you want, and then stick with them no matter what. Don't move a guy out if he has a bad week. Those happen. If you play this hunch game, more often than not you're going to wind up leaving a lot of stats on the bench when your guys get hot again. Just leave them in the lineup and ride out the slumps. The exception here is probably at catcher. I would have McCann in on a daily basis, but I would take him out and put in Inge anytime the Braves have a day game after a night game. Catchers tend to sit out games like that, but you don't have to worry about that with Inge. Anyway, this would be my daily lineup:

      C: McCann (or Inge)
      1: Helton
      2: McGahee
      S: Zobrist
      3: Inge (or Prado on days when Inge catches)
      O/U: Bench either Morgan or Pods here, unless you really need steals. You should have one in the lineup, but not both.

    • First time I've seen you anything less than sure.

      Is this roto, or h to h?

      I play head to head and hate to carry any bench hitters for this very reason. Prefer to let the lineup play, barring dl and off days.

      DeRo may not be back, and if he does he'll have the Pappi syndrome with that wrist, could be next year before he is relevant.

      I like McGehee. He won't keep producing as he has so far, but I do think that he may be having his career year.

      I don't like speed only players, you seem to have a few. But with the lack of speed from the other positions I guess it can't be helped.

      c McCann
      1 Helton
      o Hawpe
      o Lind
      Inge, Zo and McGehee should also be in the lineup everyday they play. Prado a good fill in for now. The rest I've no opinion, 'cause basically they would not play for my teams.

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