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  • Erik Archer Erik Archer Jun 23, 2009 5:38 PM Flag

    Answering Questions

    1. Haren- yes
    2. Lincecum- yes
    3. Lester- good, but in the A.L East he will have a few bad outings coming to him. Lester plus someone else would be good though.
    4. Johson- he is good, not great. He will continue to have a good season. Reyes is elite. Go for Johnson plus someone else.
    5. Cain. No. Cain plus a good releiver. Sure. Cain will regress some, he was good value this year, but Reyes is elite.
    6. Cueto- no way. His home stadium gives up too many home runs, may not regress, bu the is a good picther, not a great one.
    7. Chad B- No. We have seen his best. I like him better than Cueto. I'd do it for Chad B AND Josh Johnson. Reyes is top 5 talent when on.


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