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  • 1995worldchamps 1995worldchamps Jun 2, 2009 9:09 PM Flag

    Trade Advice!

    I'm being offered a trade:

    Give up:
    Ryan Braun
    Chad Qualls

    Brandon Inge, Prince Fielder

    I have BJUpton, carlos lee, nick markakis, victorino and juan pierre as my other outfielders.

    As my current relievers I have Ryan Franklin, David Aardsma, trevor hoffmann, frank francisco and qualls. I haven't lost Saves yet this season.

    I'm lacking 1B and 3B power-- currently have Casey Blake and Atkins.

    My worst categories are RBIs and HR. I'm in first place in my league by a game right now.

    Any thoughts?

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    • it fits your needs....I suspect inge to dissapoint but prince seems on track....braun is a monster but seems to be a bit injury prone...he is awesome...you don't need the closer so thats no lose really...seems ok....what do you think about Give- DiceK for Zach Duke...he probably will not even take it.

    • I'd say it's a good deal. You can slot Inge at either 3rd or Catcher (3rd if Atkins isn't your man this year). You won't miss much w/ Qualls, though he's pitched OK this year for, honestly, a not so good team. Fielder solves your 1st base problem. Losing Braun always hurts, but you are getting quality back, assuming Inge stays healthy - your OF is quality as is, even w/out Braun.

    • i think ur giving up too much. braun is a first round pick... fielder is maybe a 3rd... i am sure u can get a better hitter in return. or maybe even get 2 decent ones at 1st and 3rd