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  • A Yahoo! User May 9, 2009 1:08 PM Flag

    Just wondering what others thought

    Rate this team and what should i do to improve:
    C: Sandoval
    1st: Morneau/Berkman
    2nd: Scutaro/Weeks/Kendrick

    SP: Lincecum/Beckett/Hernandez/Buehrle/Meche


    DL: Ervin Santana

    Overall rating

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    • Can anyone that knows anything about babeball give any suggestions.

    • You just really need a better 3rd baseman and a good SS. And maybe 1 more outfielder

    • Livan Hernandez, right? If so, that's your weakest link among your starters. Try digging on the waiver wire for someone. Livan will likely burn out halfway through the season and start giving up 10 runs a start. Otherwise, idk.

      George Sherrill might be good or he might not be. But he's certainly not a stud. Why have two Rockies relievers? Pick one and choose which you want. You might want to try getting an SP/RP pitcher who can slide into either spot. Russ Ohlendorf, for example. He's in his third year and he's found his groove.

      Your offense seems to be pretty good, but I bet it's your pitching that's letting you down right? All the same, here are a few hitter suggestions that you might want to look at:

      Luke Scott- DH of the Orioles. Hits righties very well. He's gone largely unnoticed in just about every yahoo league despite signs that this might be a career year for him.

      Ben Zobrist- This is a tricky acquisition to make if you're interested. Joe Maddon doesn't start Zobrist as often as he should be started. However, despite having only 62 at-bats, he's hit five homeruns. Turn that into a projection and he's on pace to hit 32 HR given 400 AB.

      I'm not sold on Ervin Santana either, but if he doesn't cost you a bench spot, you might as well. Remember that John Smoltz, Jeremy Bonderman, Tommy Hanson and Ricky Romero could all fit into their respective teams' starting rotations at some point during the year. As a point of interest, I'm going to be keeping an eye on Dontrelle Willis in his start for Detroit next week. I don't expect much, but if he does find his old form then he'll probably win the rotation from Zach Miner, who has struggled.

    • He is available in my league but has only collected 1 hold on the season

    • I'm a Tigers fan and I can tell you, Zumaya is the only guy who is putting out fires in the Detroit bullpen. Everyone else is gasoline. If you get a starter that goes seven innings and gets the lead then it's Zumaya and Rodney, in that order. I'm worried about Rodney, but he hasn't blown a save yet.

      If you're not interested in Zumaya, Hideki Okajima is another option. Or Rafael Soriano of the Braves. They both do well in their respective jobs. Don't try to look for someone who has a lot of holds now, try to look for someone who seems capable of getting a lot of holds in the future.

    • Thanks for the heads up but the other two players that you have said are both taken in my league

    • Okay then, I'm just gonna throw some names out there and you can see if they're available or not.

      Bobby Seay- LHP Detroit.
      Arthur Rhodes- LHP Cincinatti
      Jim Johnson- RHP Baltimore
      Juan Cruz- RHP Kansas City
      Octavio Dotel- RHP Chicago White Sox
      Ronald Belisario- RHP LA Dodgers

      Those are the guys I would recommend, off the top of my head. It's been an interesting exercise, look through middle relievers. Some of them have higher fantasy point totals than the closers I see hanging around.

    • get rid of those 2 hideous outfielders werths just havin a good week elijahs trash and you need a 3rd basmen you have other good quality bench players trade to trade berkman for an outfielder or 3rd basmen

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      • Whats Berkman worth though, i traded a few weeks ago for him and felt like i didnt give up much for him. I can wait it out and keep him as my util or i could trade but only if someone else knew what berkman could do in the near future.
        And like you said you dont think that Werth can keep it up..

      • I like Atkins, but as long as I'm thinking about it, trading Sherrill for somebody might not be a bad thought.

        Elijah Dukes is an okay outfielder, not a stud but he's all right. If he can minimize his strikeouts he's probably hit a lot better. I wouldn't mind having Jayson Werth on my team. 20 HR, 20 steals with a .273 AVG? That's not bad.

        However, I stick by my previous recommendations for hitters. :P


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