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  • tyson j tyson j May 8, 2009 2:16 PM Flag

    Halladay+ Youk for Pujols?

    I'm inclined to accept immediately. Right now I lead my league in every major pitching category so can afford to lose Doc, and I have Peavy, Volquez and Felix Hernandez, but just lost Manny to suspension, so want to offset that loss.
    Youk is having a great year, but can't imagine him getting anywhere close to Albert's power numbers...your thoughts?

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    • who ever is getting halladay and youk is winning that deal hands down yah pujols is unreal but youk will put up awesome numbers himself and doc is welll... doc....if ur dealing those 2 two pujols thats idiotic

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      • My pitching can handle the loss of Halladay, currently I'm first in almost every category, except HOLDS. My offense has been great and keeping me in first place, but that was due in large part to hot starts from Youkm Adam Jones, Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz and Derek Jeter....AND Manny Ramirez.
        Losing Manny was huge, because realistically Jones, Nelson, and Jeter are going to have big drop offs soon, Youkilis is having back issues which might flare up on and off again all year, and I won't have Manny to pick up the slack.

        With that in mind, I needed a big bat to replace Manny and had the pitching to spare. We also score OPS in my league, so there was no one else better suited to help me out.

        I respect your opinions, but I don't see how I got screwed here, and it's idiotic to call this move idiotic. At WORST it's a fair deal, at best, it takes my pitching heavy team, and turns it into a pitching AND offensive heavy team.

    • I wouldn't have done that if I were you. Lets put it this way: based on last year's numbers it is reasonable to say that Youkilis will have a .310 BA and 30 HR's compared to Pujols who may have a .345 BA and 40-45 HR's. When you compare those hypothetical numbers, that means that you'll get about .5 more HR's per week, a slightly better better average, and a few more hits. Overall, the production is noticable over the entire course of the season and may help you win occasionally, but when you add in the fact that you had to give up a guy like Halladay, and you didn't even get a decent pitcher back, means that you probably lost this trade. Two superstars for one megastar isn't really that good a deal in my mind. But hell, it may work out, I'm not saying it can't.

    • Usually when you ask people on this forum about trade advice most ppl will look at who's getting the best player in the trade and think that team win the trade.
      In reality there's a lot of variation on how much the trade help either team. The most basic is the depth of your team. If you have a very strong team you can afford to give a little extra say like in a 2 for 1 trade to upgrade a certain position to fortify your team even more. Where as if you have a weak team, you should give up someone like pujols or johan santana to get 2 good player back to upgrade 2 different position.
      In this case if i had a weak team and i'm giving up pujols to get halladay and youkilis back that's a huge upgrade for my pitching while only slightly downgrade my offense from pujols to youkilis. But if you have a good enough SP lineup to still win w/o halladay then its an upgrade for the team getting pujols as well, just that the team getting halladay and youk is getting the bigger upgrade.

    • wow tough spot your givin up to much i think get like another player but just an ok player

    • Take it, accept befor the other guy comes back down from his high!!!

    • I think that Pujols is the best player in the game, that being said no way in hell would I make that trade, Halliday is such a special pitcher .. If you ask me It's him and Santana and then there's everyone else

      and had a monster year last year and seems to be even better this year, I don't see the upgrade of pujols outwieghing the rare skills and fantasy pitcher halliday is ... you got screwed

    • I would rather give up Holliday and Youk for Pujols than Halladay and Youkilis. I wouldn't do it.

    • What is too much for Pujols?

      This isn't. I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    • never mind i read it wrong i was thinking Holliday sorry, yea the deal is good for you

    • no way, you're going to give up to very good hitters that combined are putting up better numbers than pujols and are winning categories for you. pujols is one player so you'll trade for him be be very tough at one position but weak at another at least with both guys that you have your solid. pulols is great but i wouldn't trade.
      think about it unless you have a solid bench replacement in your of for halladay then go for it.

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