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  • Holdin McGroin Holdin McGroin Apr 23, 2009 4:54 PM Flag

    Danks or Lowe??

    who do u think is going to have a better year.. John Danks who has been lights out til this point or Derek Lowe?

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    • danks, hes for real...........better team, more k's, lower whip, era bout the same, more wins.

    • I like Derek Lowe better. Chicago will have to play against Cleveland, Kansas City, Detroit and Minnesota quite often. None of these teams are pushovers. Lowe has faced Philadelphia, Washington, Florida and Washington (in that order). He's got a 3.27 ERA and this might be lower if the one game hadn't gotten a rain delay and he'd been allowed to go 7 or so. Conversely, Danks has faced only one division opponent so far- the Royals- and his offense couldn't win the game for him. Danks has done a better job in his starts, but I think his wins will be lower because all of the AL Central teams can come back on people in the late innings. Remember Cleveland's 14 run inning against the Yankees? Detroit putting up 12 against the Angels? The Royals scoring 12 against Texas? The Twins scoring 11 against the White Sox and 7 days later 12 against the Angels? Even if you do think that Danks will do a good job in his starts, there's too much explosive potential in the AL Central.

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      • I like danks better, because his k's and whip will be lower than lowe's, he gets more k's and has better stuff than lowe. Ground ball pitchers are tough because they rely heavily on the defense of their team. I had them both, but my team is kind of pitcher so I dropped lowe. All the sources are predicting Danks to become an elite pitcher. Maybe it's because I'm from the heavily offense loaded AL east, but the bats in the central don't scare me as much. Cleveland unloaded on Wang, who is having a terrible year, texas always gives up alot of runs, and with the exception of lackey does LAA's starting pitching is questionable with all the DL spots. Typically I like national league pitchers better, but I think this Dank's kid is going to be good.


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