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    How weak is this team

    where and how can improve my team

    C- Jarod Satlalamacchia (Ivan Rodriguez, Brandon Inge, and Varitek are all available should i drop Jarod and and pick one of these Guys up)

    1B- Adrian Gonzalez

    2B- Dan Uggla ( does anybody know the situation with the Marlins there is a new guy called Bonifacio is he going to start over Uggla, and should i deal uggla)

    3B-Chone Figgins
    (Arod is coming by end of April)

    SS- Johny Peralta
    ( i dont even know about this guy i could say he is the weak link on my team but he is worth more then most shortstops)

    OF-Jacoby Ellsbury,Ryan Ludwick, Nelson Cruz
    (right here im just waiting on ichiro to come back and this is another place i do not know what to do should i trade Jacoby for a power hitter.)

    BN- Milton Bradley
    DL- Ichiro, A Rod

    SP- Dice K, Edison Volquez, Chien Ming Wang
    RP- Mariano Rivera, K Rod, and Troy Percival
    (Should I trade one of my relivers for a starting pitcher and give me an example of a Starting Pitcher it would be much aprreciated)

    DL- Ervin Santana
    (Finally should I wait for Santana to come back or should I deal him or pick somebody else)

    Thanks for any feedback

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    • I don't see the point in his adding Bonifacio. Bonifacio is essentially a steals only guy and he already has Figgins, Ellsbury and Ichiro on his team.

      (Keep in mind Bonifacio's home run was an inside the park homer. Those things are rare and require quite a bit of luck to pull off.)

    • Only glaring weakness is SP You have more speed than you need so try dealing Chone, Ellsbury, or Ichiro

    • bonifacio plays third base
      uggla plays second
      and hanley plays short
      add bonifacio if possible

      i assume this league is roto or a head to head

      don't trade ellsbury for power, unless your in a points league

      you have a LOT of power
      salty has power esp for a catcher
      gonzo, uggla,peralta, arod, cruz, and ludwick. you have good power.

      shop ludwick, for a SP.

      and if u have a DH trade ludwick for a high AVG high Runs scored and SB guy.

      you can add a SP but i wouldn't trade a reliever, you won't get the bang for what your giving, and relievers are a really good thing to have on a roto or head to head team.

      they keep your ERA and WHIP low.

      and keep ervin, he'll be back

      don't trade him unless its for a really good deal. he'll be back in 2 weeks

      and lastly be patient... you dont seem to be very patient.
      and.. look up information on players, read the articles that yahoo posts about fantasy baseball.. it'll help alot!

    • kepp jarrod s. trade peralta wait for ichrio and arod go for bonifacio as a back up cause he can play ss i think


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