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  • Roger S Roger S Mar 31, 2009 4:00 PM Flag

    HUGE HANLEY TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!

    It looks like a pretty dead even trade to me I gotta say. BUT I would like to see the rest of your team before I can make that call. You pick up THE PREMIERE pitcher who will dominate and come close to 300Ks this year if healthy, while King Felix is still finding his own. What you lose though is 50+ SBs between Reyes(50+) and Beltran(20+) because I don't think Hanley will be running a whole lot this year, I could see him only pulling 20-25SB to be honest, somewhere on par with Beltran. You are also losing a TON of runs scored between Beltran and Reyes. I think it comes down to what you needed most and if you already have those categories covered then you definitely made out by acquiring Lincecum.

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    • My team is this
      c- victor martinez
      1b- chris davis
      2b- brandon phillips
      3b- ian stewart
      ss- reyes
      of- beltran
      of- granderson
      of- damon
      util- werth
      b- conor jackson, konerko, delmon young
      sp- hamels
      sp- cliff lee
      rp- morrow
      rp- percival
      scott baker
      instead of the deal that was already accepted should i do reyes, granderson, and felix for linecum and hanley