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  • sean t sean t Mar 12, 2009 1:50 PM Flag

    rate my team

    CChris Iannetta
    1B Justin Morneau
    2BKazuo Matsui
    3BChipper Jones
    SSJimmy Rollins
    OFJosh Hamilton
    OFCarlos Lee
    OFGrady Sizemore
    UtilAdrian Gonzalez

    Adrian Beltre
    Milton Bradley
    Hank Blalock
    Ichiro Suzuki

    SP Josh Beckett
    SP Adam Wainwright
    RP Jonathan Broxton
    RP Matt Lindstrom
    P John Danks
    P Kevin Slowey
    P Frank Francisco
    BN Gavin Floyd

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    • I guess pitching isn't important in this league. U better hope for some breakout shit. But at least u have Milton Bradley as trade bait. Yeeeah.... you need a pitcher.

    • yor team is okay, you do need to add more pitching, at least one quality closer and starter. you have some bench players that you could work out a trade, quality is better than quantity

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        This was a league that had a ton of bench spots, and 12 players...


        C - A.J. Pierzynski

        1B - Justin Morneau

        2B - Placido Polanco

        3B - David Wright

        SS - Alexei Ramirez

        OF - Carlos Quintin

        OF - Shane Victorino

        OF - Andre Ethier

        Util - Cameron Maybin

        Bench: Carlos Gomez, Adam LaRoche, David DeJesus, Alexi Casilla


        SP - James Shields

        SP - Jon Lester

        SP - Edinson Volquez

        SP - Adam Wainwright

        RP - Bobby Jenks

        RP - Jonathan Broxton

        RP - Scot Shields

        P - John Danks

        P - Chris Volstad

        Bench - Joe Saunders, Hiroki Kuroda, Ryan Franklin, Jesse Litsch, Kyle Loshe

    • Sizemore-Hamilton-Rollins = All in top12.....someone is not being truthful here.

      Even if you had the 12th and 13th picks, that would mean one of these three was 36th!!??

      I'll assume it's not a 12 team league, or you are a liar.

    • C Ryan Doumit
      1B Jason Giambi
      2B Howie Kendrick
      3B Melvin Mora
      SS Rafael Furcal
      OF Vladimir Guerrero
      OF Andre Ethier
      OF Carlos Gomez
      Util Gary Sheffield
      BN Ramon Hernandez
      BN Troy Glaus
      BN Jim Thome
      BN Edgar Renteria
      BN --empty-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      DL --empty-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Trends Pitching

      SP Johan Santana
      SP Tim Lincecum
      RP Troy Percival
      RP B.J. Ryan
      P Jake Peavy
      P Ryan Dempster
      P Aaron Harang

      BN Billy Wagner
      (NYM - RP)

      My first time playing, how did I do?

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      • Wagner is out for the season... your lineup is very weak, your SP is actually too strong, wait a month or two into the season and try to package a dominant SP for a package with chronic slow-starting bat who finishes strong (e.g Santana-Lincecum-or-Peavy plus any hitter except Vladi for Teixiera and a solid fantasy 2, like a James Shields type)

        BTW, could you rate my team? Thanks...

    • You have 6-7 players (Hamilton, Lee, Sizemore, Ichiro, Rollins, Morneau, maybe Gonzalez) who normally go in the first three rounds, four at the outside. Have you done a lot of preseason trades? Either way, how can you get me into a league with the people you're playing against?

      Rate mine, BTW.

    • 12 team league??? Are you in a league of idiots? Send me an invite next time!!!

    • Your best pitcher by the end of the year will probably be Kevin Slowey... which is not a bad thing... but you have no front line starters. To rely on Lindstrom for saves might be asking a bit much. I was going to suggest looking for a backup 3rd baseman when I saw Chipper as your starter, but since you have Beltre, that is a pretty good platoon, as long as you keep up on when Jones takes a day or two off. I'm guessing this is a ten team league, and that you went with Sizemore (around 7th?) and picked up Hamilton after the turn. Am I right? Your OF is stacked, Morneau is talking about turning it back on this year... you might compete favorably offensively, but, the better course of action might be to trade an OF (or Morneau) for a SP/closer. With A-Gon, you won't be hurting at 1st, and with Ichiro on the bench, it's a waste of production. Turn Morneau into a top flight starter (Webb/Peavy/Halladay range) and turn Lee (you need steals more than you need more HRs with this lineup) into a mid tier closer AND a backup OF, as you will be using Bradley in your starting line up if you make both trades. Look to drop either Blalock or Floyd, depending on who you pick up.

    • Great team,but is it an 8 or 10 team league,I know its not a 12 team league

    • dude your lineup is not that bad ,but its not that great. i think you need more pitching outside of beckett and broxton your staff is weak. you are very solid at outfield,suggest you try to deal 1 or 2 for a good starter and reliever keep hamilton and sizemore pitching is half the battle.


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