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  • Your best pitcher by the end of the year will probably be Kevin Slowey... which is not a bad thing... but you have no front line starters. To rely on Lindstrom for saves might be asking a bit much. I was going to suggest looking for a backup 3rd baseman when I saw Chipper as your starter, but since you have Beltre, that is a pretty good platoon, as long as you keep up on when Jones takes a day or two off. I'm guessing this is a ten team league, and that you went with Sizemore (around 7th?) and picked up Hamilton after the turn. Am I right? Your OF is stacked, Morneau is talking about turning it back on this year... you might compete favorably offensively, but, the better course of action might be to trade an OF (or Morneau) for a SP/closer. With A-Gon, you won't be hurting at 1st, and with Ichiro on the bench, it's a waste of production. Turn Morneau into a top flight starter (Webb/Peavy/Halladay range) and turn Lee (you need steals more than you need more HRs with this lineup) into a mid tier closer AND a backup OF, as you will be using Bradley in your starting line up if you make both trades. Look to drop either Blalock or Floyd, depending on who you pick up.


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