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  • joe mama joe mama Mar 6, 2009 12:32 PM Flag

    Holliday for Hamilton trade

    hamilton is an unknown. last year could have been an aberration. pitchers will adjust and he will struggle.
    the demise of holliday is way overblown. he's a legit power/speed guy with great AVG potential, at or away from colorado.

    holliday's the better player. hamilton is fool's gold.

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    • you dunce. hamilton dominated the half-season he played in cincy, and pitchers had plenty of time to "adjust" and he still did his thing. you probably had the same argument about pujols after his rookie year. even if holliday hits to his Coors Field aided career norm batting average and power (HIGHLY unlikely), he will NOT get nearly as many rbi opportunities as hamilton with kinsler and young hitting in front of him. holliday is now on the team that scored the FEWEST RUNS IN ALL OF BASEBALL last year. even if holliday pulls off a miracle and hits 35 homers in that park, which hamilton should be around as well, the 30-50 rbi difference between the 2 players alone makes hamilton a better and safer pick. and hamilton is still only entering his prime at age 27 and is still learning, considering how long he was out of baseball. watch out when he REALLY figures things out...

    • why is this even a discussion... it is a no brainer... I'm not even gonna say because it is so easy of a decision.


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