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  • MaggietheTardisKitten MaggietheTardisKitten Feb 28, 2009 8:07 AM Flag

    Evaluate my team, please

    I would welcome any comments about my recently drafted baseball team. I'm British and have only recently really started following the game. I do realize I'm a bit heavy on bowlers (pitchers).

    c Pablo Sandaval
    1b Adam Laroche
    2b Kelly Johnson
    ss Jhonny Peralta
    3b Alex Gordon
    of Rick Ankiel
    of Jeff Francouer
    of JD Drew
    dh Jason Giambi

    sp Johann Santana
    sp Tim Linecicum
    sp Cole Hamels
    sp Jake Peavy
    sp Chad Billingsley
    sp AJ Burnett
    sp Zack Grienke
    sp Ricky Noralsco

    rp Joakim Soria
    rp Jonathan Broxton
    rp Bobby Jenks
    rp Brian Fuentes

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    • League ID: 122137
      PW: expos TOMORROW

      League ID: 145472
      PW: jays TODAY

    • offense is horrendous!! need to try to swap out some of your bowlers(pitchers) for better batsmen(batters).

    • you have a great pitching staff look at free agents and see who is out there you can use to fill major holes in your offense.i would look at first base and outfielders to change.you have so much pitchers you could use one or 2 of them to trade with. since your new to this check with someone before you accept any trade to make sure they are fair and in your best intrest to help your team.

    • "a bit heavy on pitchers" that's the understatement of the year. You need to shop 2-3 of them to pick up position players.

      Ibanez should come cheap, and should produce well in Philly.

      Jason Bay put up very good numbers after going to Boston midyear.

      Mike Jacobs can be picked up off FA in most leagues, and he will outproduce Adam LaRouche

      Abreu should produce this year too...and can be had reasonably cheap.

      David Murphy is a sleeper of mine, look what he did in 100 games last year...

      Good luck!

    • Your pitching is great
      Your offense is awful
      You need to make some trades


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