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  • Harry R Harry R Feb 24, 2009 10:44 PM Flag


    Looking back through those messages I see a common theme. You feel you are better than me, which may or may not be true - personally I don't think so (profiles lie) (and I've been playing a lot longer than my profile).
    You feel you're leagues are better than mine. I shouldn't be allowed to say this and that about my leagues. I shouldn't be allowed to start new leagues. I'm lying about giving away money. Guy -- your WRONG. Stop piecing together a concocted story by taking pieces of that, pieces of this. Just get on the phone. Settle it by getting on the phone. I won't yell at you. I'll tell it like it is -- just like I've been telling in my ads from the get go!
    Quit playing God with me!! Let me start my leagues. You go play in your own. Do not sit on this message board and decide you gets to say what and how to say it.
    Leave it alone. You done your damage. Leave it alone.

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    • you guys need something better to do


      "No matter what $ amount you put on your "Elite" player league -- Masters are going to play for double that amount. Because we have the money and because we want to limit the field to ourselves"

      see you say i am to young for a master league ,, which you don't know my age at all .. if you talking about experience i have been here since 02 you joined last year .. and the n you say we master will pay twice as much .. if i am not a MASTER you sure the hell are not a master ..

      you even say "Because we have the money and because we want to limit the field to ourselves"

      again you put yourself in the same catagory as master .. you are not a master your not even average .. seriously i gave you a chance i did i even gave you advice and you just keep lying ..

      tell me i am to young to be a master , but you are .. come on clown .. I tried to be nice now you get th a hole back again

      again if its a socail thing stop lying !!!!

      could you imagine if you put your kid into a private school that you had to pay for ... then find out all the teachers are highschool drop outs .. would you accept the answer well in our teachers minds they are all college graduate .. in there head they are all smarter than in real life .. and hey you pay twice as much so that make the teachers even better no matter that they really have no degree and no experience ..

      do you get it you would take you kid out of that school right away demand you money back because the school was misrepresented .. its the same thing with your league ..

      Harry i really treid to help you but you are beyond help I will steer any extra player i have or hell any player i think are stupid enough to join your league , to other league not yours ..

      you are never going to gain any respect around here by lying you might fill this year league at some point after months of begging but they will just leave and not play with you again .. and you will be here again next year begging people to join ..

      you have one profile that stinks you claim to have played alot and commished alot bu tyou have zero links to this other made up proflie . i gave you a chance ...

      harry just cause you say something it doesn't make it true .. hell when i had link with your exact profile and your exact post you tried to say those were not true .. a computer generated profile is lying ? right .. come on .. harry

      you have 1 year of experience .. in league you did not commish you ended horrible 12 and 17th a mast should never finish that far back regardless of the league .. I am in second in a hockey league and i know nothing about hockey .. your 12th and 17th came in MLB league the leagues you claim to be the best at .. how would a master with so much experience and won so much money finish 12 and 17th ? I wouldn't find that acceptable .. I wouldn't let any of my teams lose that bad .. and you say i am not master

      see with the way you use word they lose all meaning and all resopect ... seriously if you and you league mates are the masters of fantasy sports than what AM I a god i am twice as good as you in MLB ..

      good luck harry you will need it

    • You didn't give me your name, so I can't call you one, I think you're too young to have the proper conotation to the term "Master". It's better than the alternatives. With Masters winning and entry fees are irrelevant.

      No matter what $ amount you put on your "Elite" player league -- Masters are going to play for double that amount. Because we have the money and because we want to limit the field to ourselves. Don't want it to be all about winning/who's best. More of a social thing.

    • ok, it really was your chance to step up and help a guy. It wouldn't detract from your league at all.

      If you have any leftovers, you know guys you have to leave hanging, maybe you could give my email for this year only.

      Still be glad to get into your leagues for future contacts. Info me.

      Are you saying you never came into my leagues?

      Not sure what you mean by finding profiles/or even how to message-totally computer illiterate.

    • I've got 2 Yahoo Plus leagues that can't be refunded. My guys are not money guys. I've already invited them into my $25 dollar league (not Yahoo Plus). But that's as far as I can push them safely. I'm hoping by next year...........

      As you said, I'm a good guy -- who has his butt hangin out -- that doesn't forget a favor.

      And I Really would like to join your leagues. I'm dying to find out how you run them/keeper rules/ etc.. Trust me I don't mind the competition. It would be my seventh team, but I can handle it.
      In my two lower leagues, I'll be locking my teams at the midway point to give those guys a chance to battle it out anyway.

    • again harry i did not take anyone .. i dind't message anyone .. and i have never posted any of my league info in any public setting they have been invite only sound like you gave someone one and idea by accusing me of it .. cause it wasn't me .. promise you that .. from what you have learned of me would i have an issue with say F you i took them I did take them .. all my leagues right now are full they have been full for a week or so .. so sorry i ididn't take any ..

      as for you top pro league can't do i have my own ELITE league .. with my own elite GM

      good luck i am out just message me if you have any questions would it be awesone if you new how to find anybody profile .. have a good one ..

    • I hear you. I agree with you. I would be a great help. I'll do it!

      However my butt is hanging out here.

      How about you contacting those guys you took (I don't have those emails) and explain you gotten to know me better. Or better yet , join my TopPro league and bring/not bring your TopPro competition with you.

    • convert all you pay league into one so you can atleast get one going now .. or like i said send out invites to previous gm from other leagues you can do it with commish tools

    • i explained how you can send invite to all the league you have played in try that you have played with 60 teams send them all invites .. you can do it under the commish tools .. once you develope a good reputatation this is how you fill your leagues

    • It's not I mind playing in your free league and thereby making the contacts. Be glad to. Mostly so you can get to know me better, thereby less chance to attack me again.

      It's that real damage has been done here and I need some real help to fill my leagues this year. What you're implying sounds like something that could help for next year.

      Sooner or later my ams are going to get bored and want to play for money. I just need to get those leagues going for them to move into.

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