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  • Harry R Harry R Feb 24, 2009 10:59 PM Flag


    You're playing some like some big reporter, breaking some big story. But you're not being a good reporter -- you're not going to the source. You don't have your fakes straight. You're using bits and pieces, rumor, and lots of innuendo!!

    I'm just a guy trying to start some leagues. You're trying your best to stop me. Why have you taken such an interest in me? What is it about me? You keep saying lies. Not one lie. You don't support your facts. It always comes down to you being better. Where's the fact in that. You keep using your profile. Profiles don't tell the story. You think you know baseball better than me. You don't. That's a fact.

    When you post those ads, you strew the context. You add your opinions, your misconceptions. Stop! My leagues are what they are. It's that damn simple. Why mess with them? Because you can. Yours are safe and hidden. It's just because you can, that's why. That's the only reason.

    I run a beginner's league. I give away $20
    I run a AA league. I give away $125
    I run a AAA league. I give away $300
    I run a Pro/Keeper league I give away free Yahoo upgrade.
    I run a Pro League I add $125 in to the Purse
    I run a TopPro League winner take all// anybody can enter

    tell me what you don't like about that.

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    • so when you said you have commish many league and given away tone of money that was the truth ?

      the only league you have run you won ?

      when you said you amateur GM would dominate us by the middle of the lseason that was the truth

      when you said you had a league for only the best of the best that was the truth ?

      ar eyou dellusional ? your a fraud BUDD .. why wouldi call you so you can lie on the phone instead of in person ,., if you had ran so many lague and given away so much money you should have no problem getting people .. but you do because your lying ..

      look a whole list of lies none he will address all this i got all this info from his profile from his post how are they lie would you like me to put all the links up again

      like you saying your league was for masters only ? or you saying you have commished lot of league when it was one ..

      or you saying the commish never win but really the commish win 100% with you

      see you won't even pretend to address any of these lies

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      • Here's how you twist your facts -- it's simple, you pretend like you're God and you just don't have the facts. It comes out like some big story you're breaking.

        That league you're talking was a free league that paid $300 in cash prizes (Just like this year)(by the way - did you talk to anybody in that league?)
        I came in 4th. I won the playoffs. That was a $15 dollar part of the Prize list. That league was built to promote year long activity. Every single GM that finished the season active won $s. That was the largest part of the Prize List.

        I said I'd start a Master league $200 entry if I got 4 GMs who said they wanted to start one. I only got two. I didn't start it-maybe next year. The Masters is just a name. It means people who want to pay enough money that other people won't want to be in that league. They want to play with themselves. I never put out I was a Master, though in my mind I am.

        I am paying out $450 in my free leagues total. I am throwing in $250 ontop of the purses into my Pro leagues (by the way -- that signifies autodraft/Live draft -- not impunging on the GREAT players like yourself.)
        Does that really sound like someone out there trying to cheat and hurt fantasy MLB.

        Who are you protecting from whom? I'm on this message board helping young players learn what to expect from a good commish/ what they can do about commish problems as much if not more than you. You don't care about fantasy MLB more than me. You just want to believe. In fact I'm wondering if you aren't desperate to believe it.


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