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  • Harry R Harry R Feb 24, 2009 8:35 PM Flag

    GrandSlam Trophy style!!!

    Try one of our GrandSlam Trophy leagues.

    GrandSlam Trophy A (beginner) League - free - $20 to win it all! ID# 94436 password: GrandSlamB (2 openings left)

    GrandSlam Trophy AA League - free - $125 Purse! ID# 94615 (filled//pre-draft)

    GrandSlam Trophy AAA League - free - $300 in Cash Prizes! ID#64035 (filled// preparing for draft)

    GrandSlam Trophy Pro Keeper - $25 entry/free Yahoo Plus upgrade! ID#111238 password:GrandSlamPro

    GrandSlam Trophy Pro League - $87 entry/$125 Cash added into Purse! stessing year long activity + winning//You stay active=You Win $s ID#2333 password:GrandSlamPro

    GrandSlam Trophy TopPro - $107 entry//winner take all up to $1900! ID# 2605 password:GrandSlamPro

    All GrandSlam Trophy leagues are 10x10, H2H
    *continuous* with re-invite/drafting order *rights*! All GrandSlam Pro leagues feature Yahoo Plus!
    Drafting orders <*except TopPro*> are set by league entry order (commish last) - so join now and get in on the ground floor of these new leagues.
    GMs who enter multiple GrandSlam Trophy leagues get 15% of the largest league fee paid for by GrandSlam Trophy!

    Questions? email: glasspoet1@yahoo.com
    or call Harry (386)316-6907

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    • prove it you hounded me for my profile why not post this profile full of league you claim to commish ? is it because you lied ? and you have only commished once and that league you happen to win while the other 2 league you did not commish you got 12th and 17 th hmmm

    • not to mention lying saying i posted in your league ..

      you know that a lie infact i tell everyone join his league anyone of them and see if there were any post left by me see for yourself how big of a liar he is ..

      and for you commish that are thier run fast you know i didn't email any of the gm's in your leagues .. you just a lying to make yourself feel better

      you put out a league as master leagues why would a great player stay when they see all the bad GM starting with YOU

      and then you amateur league is supposed to be for nobody with wins but they join and looky looky the commish has wins wow whata shock he is lying ?

      i bet you won't address this list will you ?

    • so when you said you have commish many league and given away tone of money that was the truth ?

      the only league you have run you won ?

      when you said you amateur GM would dominate us by the middle of the lseason that was the truth

      when you said you had a league for only the best of the best that was the truth ?

      ar eyou dellusional ? your a fraud BUDD .. why wouldi call you so you can lie on the phone instead of in person ,., if you had ran so many lague and given away so much money you should have no problem getting people .. but you do because your lying ..

    • Bubb, when are you going to get it through your head -- I don't lie. Everybit of that is the truth. It's only you that is making these people leave my leagues. It's not the ads. Those ads are 100% true. It's you comments <YOUR LIES> that say "you can't trust this or that" or " he's going to steal your money" -- THOSE are the lies that doing the damage. Those ads are just things you don't like being said. They don't apply to you, so you judge them and then go about executing the guilty parties. BUT'S IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND!!!
      Don't you GET IT? My phone number has always been there? A simple phone call early on and you could have saved yourself all this hassle of playing god -- OR DO YOU JUST HAVE FUN PLAYING GOD, GETTN OFF ON IT???

    • no one need to read into anything .. you lied .. you stated you have given money out thats a lie .. you claim to have ran so many league thats another lie ..

      you are just full of lies

    • it isn't about you then why are you running it ? your not the only one ? it is about you .. people not playing in your league the league you lied about to get them to join .. will just find another .. a league starts with the commish .. and your a liar

    • your profile kinda does say how good you are .. the word you set up a league with should be honest

      are you trying to defend your lies

      how doe syou profile not determine if your a good player ..

      not to mention you lied about being an experienced commish and giving out so much money .. why would you have so much trouble getting players if you have such a good reputation .. . i mean if you gave me free money i would join your league .. why would you lie about that ?

      why will you not address the many lies you have said you just say i have no right to call you on it .. why not ? who does .. liar are just supposed to be able to lie .. that make no sense

    • they dropped because you misrepresented your league as a pro only or a master league then they find out it is far from that ..

      then your amateur league bars league winners except you what a crock

    • If you don't hear the GOD in your words. Don't you have anyone to advise you that you can't play GOD with people's lives, with people's efforts. You are not GOD. You ARE NOT THE ONE TO DECIDE which words to use, how leagues are introduced, how gets to play who, who can be a commissioner and who not. You don't decide who a good player is by looking at their profile. Believe it or not, you are not as GOD-LIKE in your abilities to read into things on the internet as you think.

    • again you lie how is it not likely for a commish to win but the only time you have ever commish you won the league that is no unlikley it is 100 % so far

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