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  • Harry R Harry R Feb 24, 2009 8:35 PM Flag

    GrandSlam Trophy style!!!

    Try one of our GrandSlam Trophy leagues.

    GrandSlam Trophy A (beginner) League - free - $20 to win it all! ID# 94436 password: GrandSlamB (2 openings left)

    GrandSlam Trophy AA League - free - $125 Purse! ID# 94615 (filled//pre-draft)

    GrandSlam Trophy AAA League - free - $300 in Cash Prizes! ID#64035 (filled// preparing for draft)

    GrandSlam Trophy Pro Keeper - $25 entry/free Yahoo Plus upgrade! ID#111238 password:GrandSlamPro

    GrandSlam Trophy Pro League - $87 entry/$125 Cash added into Purse! stessing year long activity + winning//You stay active=You Win $s ID#2333 password:GrandSlamPro

    GrandSlam Trophy TopPro - $107 entry//winner take all up to $1900! ID# 2605 password:GrandSlamPro

    All GrandSlam Trophy leagues are 10x10, H2H
    *continuous* with re-invite/drafting order *rights*! All GrandSlam Pro leagues feature Yahoo Plus!
    Drafting orders <*except TopPro*> are set by league entry order (commish last) - so join now and get in on the ground floor of these new leagues.
    GMs who enter multiple GrandSlam Trophy leagues get 15% of the largest league fee paid for by GrandSlam Trophy!

    Questions? email: glasspoet1@yahoo.com
    or call Harry (386)316-6907

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    • All GrandSlam Trophy leagues are currently under attack by a parasitic Commissioner who comes into the leagues & emails GMs for the sole purpose of having them enter his league. His profile wil be hidden.

      I apologize for this embarrassment. To allow him to continue with this scam lowers the integrity of all fantasy MLB. I have reported him to Yahoo Plus.

      I have confronted this individual on the message boards. Even while he openly slanders me, he admits he's never played with me before, been in one of my leagues, had me in one of his leagues or knows me in any way. One of his main points is that my GMs are not worthy to be played against, even as he goes and steals them. He never provides any information about himself or his leagues. If you have information to this effect, I ask you to share it.

      Again I apologize the need for this ridiculously embarrassing statement.

    • Listen God, I don't know who you are -- but I can tell you who I am. I lay out hundreds of dollars to help beginners work their way up. I councel young players. I take up a lot of my time to promote fantasy baseball. This year I'm trying to open up some leagues and I get this lunatic who take umbrage to the way I word the names of my leagues (because I didn't ask you first what to name them right?) and I laid out $250 to open two Yahoo Plus leagues and you are going in and creating some fantasy and harrassing my GMs. Don't pretend you're not sick. Look at what you've done?? What for?? Because you know how things are suppose to be done and everyone needs to do it like YOU say it needs to be done!! Don't pretend anything else!!! YOU ARE THE LIAR!. You are living in a fantasy world. You are the Sherriff of fantasy MLB. You went into my leagues for the purpose of hurting somebody you don't know a damn thing about. YOU ARE LOW!!!@

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      • i am low for telling the truth you haven't even tried to give any evidence to what your syaing your say you give so much money away how come your profile is almost empty you have 1 league and you won it .. the rest someo ne else commished ? how come when i look up your name or league it doesn;t say anything except for this year ? see you just keep lying yahoo keeps all your team in an archive not just some ..

        what does what i say have to do with you lying ? so because you want to live in a fantasy world i should not say anything to you ? you haven't given anymoney away if you had done so much why are you having trouble filling your league you can invite people from past league it should be filled in no time .. they are empty because you lie ..

      • see how much you lie where are all these people you have helped where are all these people who you gave money .. they do not exist .. man you lie so bad ..

    • see if you weren't such a liar this ad for your league is fine your not claim to be an expert or putting an expert league together stick with the truth

      again here is my profile


      • 1 Reply to TYHJCV
      • There you are you scamming, stealing, lying low-life!! Even then you trick people by putting up my profile instead of yours. Where is your profile, where are your leagues? What did you tell the GMs you stole? You pretend you know I'm this or that, didn't you? You told them I'm a liar this, a cheat that? Didn't you, you prick! You don't know me at all. You give over some information about yourself!! Who are you, Mr. message board policeman!!!??? If you can do something so dastardly, you stand up like a man, and tell about yourself. What would make you come into my leagues and email my GMs???What were you thinking?? Playing God???

    • again you lie how is it not likely for a commish to win but the only time you have ever commish you won the league that is no unlikley it is 100 % so far

    • Bubb, when are you going to get it through your head -- I don't lie. Everybit of that is the truth. It's only you that is making these people leave my leagues. It's not the ads. Those ads are 100% true. It's you comments <YOUR LIES> that say "you can't trust this or that" or " he's going to steal your money" -- THOSE are the lies that doing the damage. Those ads are just things you don't like being said. They don't apply to you, so you judge them and then go about executing the guilty parties. BUT'S IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND!!!
      Don't you GET IT? My phone number has always been there? A simple phone call early on and you could have saved yourself all this hassle of playing god -- OR DO YOU JUST HAVE FUN PLAYING GOD, GETTN OFF ON IT???

    • now your having trouble filling them ar eyou crazy you have been posting since feb 11 looking for people you have always had trouble filling them man your a bad liar . you were begging for people long before i started posting and nobody responded to you then either why lie so much ..

    • Now you're flat out lying. My Gms told me you emailed them. I invited you in, yes. I may be crazy --- I never dreamed in my WILDEST dreams -- anyone would do what you did!!!

      Couldn't you tell when I let you in I was trying to show you exactly what my leagues were. I invite everyone in to see what my leagues are. So everyone can see the profiles. And then YOU PRINTED THOSE PROFILES ON THE MESSAGE BOARD. You are LOW,LOWLOW!

      Man just take a breath, step back, and think about what you did. What it would be like if someone thought something you said didn't suit them and then did to you what you've done to me!!! Can't you see that??? Are you so Full of Yourself -- You ACTUALLY Believe you were RIGHT in doing what you did??? IF so you are INSANE!

    • Have you ever played with Master players playing for big entry fees? I have. I know they like playing amongst themselves. They don't want to have to deal with the leagues of this kind of shit. If you had any class you would have known where I was going with that. I only got two people who said they'd be interested so I told them if I got enough for next season I do it then. I don't need you to decide what I should say. You run your own damn leagues your way and stay the hell out of my ads and my leagues!!

    • see more lie you finished first in the league you commished why would you lie ?


      look not one fourth place what aliar

    • not to mention lying saying i posted in your league ..

      you know that a lie infact i tell everyone join his league anyone of them and see if there were any post left by me see for yourself how big of a liar he is ..

      and for you commish that are thier run fast you know i didn't email any of the gm's in your leagues .. you just a lying to make yourself feel better

      you put out a league as master leagues why would a great player stay when they see all the bad GM starting with YOU

      and then you amateur league is supposed to be for nobody with wins but they join and looky looky the commish has wins wow whata shock he is lying ?

      i bet you won't address this list will you ?

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