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  • TYHJCV TYHJCV Feb 24, 2009 10:20 PM Flag

    GrandSlam Trophy style!!!

    "run a beginner's league. I give $20 to the winner. I lock my team at the halfway. I prod them, help them, encourage them, teach them."

    look at that statement one this league you don't allow any winners except yourself sound corrupt .. 2 how have you locked your team ? the only league you have commished was you got first .. let make this a fact


    "You do not get to decide who is a good player or not. You don't get to decide who comes into my leagues or not!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no business doing what you did!!!!!!!!!! It's just being low!!"

    no i don't yahoo does by making player profiles your crappy profile speaks for it self

    I don't open my league to you cause your not good enough .. if i let you in i got to let every loser in just because i call him on being a loser not gonna happen i posted my profile proved i am an experienced commish .. you claim to be an experienced commish with only one league commished

    you can name you league what ever you want .. but hav eyou heard of false advertisement ?

    you claimed your league was for people of good quality that it would be a place to test the best versus the best .. you hardly the best and the people in your league are just anybody you have no screening process at all .. you don';t feel bad lying to people saying you are experienced when you not ? saying you gave money away when you haven't ? you an ok guy because you lied so much ?


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